Eating out is fun, always. But amidst the third wave of Covid-19, it’s far better to support restaurants by ordering takeaway food or heading to delivery establishments. Luckily, we recently got to try Eat Out The Box, based in the Southern Suburbs.

If you live in the Southern Suburbs, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of Eat Out The Box before.

Their prime focus is making burgers and pizzas – hand-crafted & fresh to order – and ensuring that you can enjoy good, quality food at a good price in the comfort of your own home.

I’ve known about Eat Out The Box for years but have never been able to try them because I don’t live in the Southern Suburbs.

The team also own The Eatery Wood-Fired Grill in Claremont, though, which we visited recently (read our The Eatery review here), so we made a plan to get our hands on some Eat Out The Box deliveries a little while later.

The Eat Out The Box Menu & Prices

Eat Out The Box primarily focuses on burgers and pizzas, but they also have a small selection of sides, salads, desserts, and drinks.

And then, of course, they have a massive selection of Eat Out The Box deals, which give you access to exclusive combo deals, such as two pizzas or two burgers for R199.

Joey's low carb pizza

We ordered the Joey’s pizza on a low carb base

Eat Out The Box Pizza Menu

The pizza menu at Eat Out The Box is worth writing home about because they have a variety of bases available, including:

  • Standard wheat
  • Gluten-friendly (R18)
  • Low carb (23)

Their gluten-friendly and low-carb bases are by The Dough Boys, which we reviewed last year.

(Read our Dough Boys Low-Carb Pizza Base review here)

These are by far still the best low-carb pizza bases we’ve tried in Cape Town, giving you as much of a “real pizza” feel as possible.

Pizzas are available in a standard 30 cm size, and options range from simple garlic pita bread (R39) to speciality items like the Fenstestic, with bacon, brie, and figs (R139).

Of course, they also have all your classics, like Ham & Pineapple (Island Style, R95) and Ham & Black Mushroom (Reginald, R105).

Eat Out The Box also caters to vegans, and you can swap the mozzarella on any vegetarian pizza for vegan mozzarella.

Finally, there’s also a Make Your Own pizza section.

Start with a Margherita pizza (R69) and add whichever toppings you desire. Toppings range from R10 for basics like green pepper to R25 for delicious items like bacon and figs.

Southern fried chicken burger

The Southern Crunch burger rocked my world!

Eat Out The Box Burger Menu

The burger menu at Eat Out The Box is much simpler.

You can order any burger option on a gourmet sesame seed bun or as a low-carb wrap (R14).

Low-carb burger buns are astronomically difficult to make. I’ve tried dozens and have not yet been able to find one that is truly low carb and actually tastes like a burger bun.

The low-carb wrap option is a good alternative.

Burgers range from the classic House Burger (R89), with either a beef patty, free-range chicken, or vegetarian patty, to the gourmet Chicky Chicky (R124), with grilled free-range chicken breast, brie, avo, and berry sauce.

All burgers come with rosemary salted chips.

You can also add some toppings to your burgers or chips, including sliced jalapeño, wasabi mayo, or a “loaded fries” bacon & cheese sauce. Prices of toppings range from R2 – R22.

Eat Out The Box Cape Town takeaway food review

A delicious spread of hand-crafted food

I Love Foodies Eat Out The Box Review

To try a bit of everything Eat Out The Box offers, we ordered – you guessed it! – a bit of everything.

We had:

  • Joey’s Pizza (R132): Salami, mushrooms, onion, green pepper, fresh tomato (on a low-carb base)
  • Ubuntu Salad (R79): Crispy bacon, cheddar, egg, avo, pickled red onion, mustard mayo, EVOO, tomato, cucumber, lettuce & cabbage salad base
  • Southern Crunch Burger (R99): Free-range chicken breast marinated in buttermilk, crumbed in cornflakes & fried; topped with pickles & peri mayo slaw
  • Hangover Burger (R115): Beef patty, cheddar cheese, balsamic onion, streaky bacon

Everything was freshly made and looked & tasted divine.

It definitely didn’t seem like your average takeaway food, so if you’re looking for something with restaurant quality in a take-away option, Eat Out The Box will be for you.

Joey’s Low-Carb Pizza

I’ll mention again that the low-carb pizza base is definitely, definitely worth writing home about.

My sister, Sabine, as you may know, is a low carber. We’ve tried dozens of low carb pizza bases all around Cape Town. She actually spent a good few months researching options for her best low carb treats in Cape Town article!

Eat Out The Box does the low-carb pizzas perfectly, with excellent texture & taste.

The toppings were plentiful, too, so you’ll never feel like the company is skimping or you’re being cheated.

If you’re ever keen to try making your own low carb bakes, the best place to get low carb flours online is Faithful To Nature. Try almond flour, coconut flour, or flaxseed flour.

Eat Out The Box Ubuntu salad

The Ubuntu salad is fresh & tasty

Ubuntu Salad

The salad bowl was also great – everything was fresh, and there was a good mix of ingredients with a nice variety in texture and flavours.

Again, there was definitely no skimping on ingredients, so if you are looking to choose a healthier option, you certainly won’t feel like you’re missing out when ordering a salad from Eat Out The Box.

Sabine also particularly liked the shredded lettuce & cabbage salad base. I don’t mind whole salad leaves, but I agree that restaurants often give you lots of leafy fluff with little substance.

You won’t feel that way with Eat Out The Box

Hangover beef burger with bacon

The Hangover beef burger is incredibly juicy

Southern Crunch & Hangover Burger

Finally, the burgers.

I was doing a review for Bootleggers Coffee Company a couple of weeks ago, fully intent on having a beef burger, and was suddenly overwhelmed by the most intense craving for their southern-fried chicken burger.

This was particularly odd for me as I’m not too fond of chicken burgers and have only ever had a southern-fried chicken burger once before – at the Oi Bar at the Radisson Red (which, I must admit, was also very, very good).

But, ever since that Bootleggers experience, I’ve been obsessed with southern-fried chicken burgers and now have to have them wherever I go!

Now that you know my chicken burger backstory, you’ll understand why I ordered two burgers from Eat Out The Box – the beef one as I don’t think you can really review a burger without trying a classic beef option and the chicken one to still my insatiable cravings.

The beef burger was a good option – very, very juicy and full of flavour.

The patty was firm and dense with that real-meat feel, which I think is becoming more important these days as we’re constantly scammed by pink slime junk.

Eat Out The Box southern fried chicken burger with double patty

Look at that thick double chicken patty!!!!

And the chicken burger?


I was definitely in my happy place with this burger. The cornflake crumb was very yummy and super crunchy, and I really loved the thick, double patty.

You’ll definitely get bang for your buck with this burger!

I did think the actual burger buns seemed a little dry and could have used a bit more butter, but this will largely depend on the burger you’re eating – i.e. the beef burger is super saucy, so I didn’t feel the bun was dry at all.

But apart from that, the bun was great – fresh and lightly toasted.

Eat Out The Box Is Definitely Worth Trying

If I weren’t such a lady, I’d tell you that I’m literally drooling right now, thinking about that chicken burger and all the other delicious items from Eat Out The Box.

I certainly am getting very, very hungry.

And I think that’s the best compliment I can give – food so good that you’re craving it as soon as you think about it!

Eat Out The Box hits all the boxes (that pun was totally unintentional, but I’ll just leave that there) & I’m surprisingly jealous of everyone in the Southern Suburbs who can order take-out from them (with FREE delivery).

I think maybe I need to move to the Southern Suburbs for a bit – Smokin’ Wok, that Thai-food delivery spot I reviewed earlier this year, also only delivers to the Southern Suburbs, and I still dream about their delicious food too!!!!

Eat Out The Box Contact Details

You can’t visit Eat Out The Box, and since we all should be staying home a little more to help combat the third wave, that’s a good thing.

They’ll bring the good food straight to your home.

You’ll find everything you need to get your order in below.

And if you try them out and like them as much as I did, snap a pic, upload it to your IG stories, and tag @ilovefoodiesct – I’d love to reshape all of your eating adventures!

Eat Out The Box

Address: 70 Constantia Road, Wynberg

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday (16:00 – 21:00)




Call: +27 87 354 3618


Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: June 2021

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