Everyone’s been raving about the Radisson RED since it opened up last year – and with good reason. It’s cool, it’s trendy, and it offers some amazing views from the rooftop bar. But while the rooftop seems to be making waves, the lower level OUIBar is still an undiscovered gem. Since those are my favourites, I was only too happy to try them out for a Saturday lunch with my friend Brittani the other day.

I was very excited to have Brittani join me. Like me, she’s superbly capable of eating a lot, which is often a requirement when going for a review. And this certainly was useful at OUIBar. Generally when I review a restaurant, I ask for recommendations and try a few dishes, but OUIBar was set on showcasing the best their menu has to offer. And turns out their menu has quite a bit that could be labelled as ‘best’.

Radisson RED OUIBar interior

Trendy spaces at the Radisson RED

Radisson RED OUIBar interior

Bright and open interior

Healthy Juices And G&Ts

To get started on a leisurely Saturday, Brittani and I both had a healthy red juice, and then moved on to pink gin and tonics. Because that’s what every Saturday is made for, right? The G&Ts at OUIBar are enormous, and they literally lasted us for the rest of the lunch. Which, as you’ll see in a bit, stretched on for ages.

Radisson RED OUIBar health juice

Juicy juice

Radisson RED OUIBar G&Ts


Starters: A Tapas Spread

Food-wise, we started off with a few of the smaller snack and side portions. Here we had the Chicken Strips (R80), Salt & Pepper Calamari (R95), Leafy Green Salad (R85), and Roots & Seed Salad (R95). As y’all know, I’m not really a fan of crumbed and deep friend dishes, and avoid them best I can. But even though the chicken strips and salt and pepper calamari are both served crumbed, I couldn’t get enough of them. Sitting here and reading this, I actually want to go back and have these right now! Flavour-wise, these two dishes were impeccable.

The salads could serve as a healthy side or part of a tapas spread, but I wouldn’t necessarily order them as stand-alone dishes, though I’m certain more health-inclined people would. The Leafy Green Salad came with spinach, rocket, and kale, tossed with rainbow tomato, chunks of cucumber, corn, chickpea, flaxseed, and an orange & poppy seed dressing. The Roots & Seeds Salad came with beetroot and carrot, roasted and toasted with evoo, layered on quinoa, pumpkin seeds and herbs, and drizzled with a rooibos-chia vinaigrette. I particularly enjoyed that these salads have such varied and hearty ingredients, actually providing some sustenance instead of just being a splash of green.

Radisson RED OUIBar tapas


The Best Pizza

After devouring our starters (coz they were just too delicious), we were presented with the Vesuvio Pizza (R125), topped with spicy chorizo, bacon, ham, and red onion. This was without a doubt the cheesiest pizza I have ever eaten! I try to stay away from pizza and pasta as much as I can, and had completely forgotten how great an excellent pizza can be. And that’s exactly what this pizza was. Excellent. Truly excellent.

Radisson RED OUIBar vesuvio pizza

The BEST Vesuvio pizza

Rib-Eye And Chicky Burgers (YUM!)

Here’s that awkward moment where I say, ‘But wait, there’s more’. Brittani and I were pretty stuffed. The dishes thus far were all amazing, and we certainly ate more than a fair share. But OUIBar was out to conquer us and our healthy appetites, and out came two more dishes. Here we had The Duke (R205), a 250g chunk of rib-eye with chunky fries, pepper sauce, grilled mushrooms, and green butter, as well as the Here Chicky Burger (R105), with buttermilk-fried chicken breast, pineapple, and chilli chutney.

The rib-eye was decent and if you’re at OUIBar you can’t go wrong with ordering it, but I wouldn’t head there specifically to eat the steak. The burger, though, was entirely different matter. I’m never too keen on chicken burgers. They kinda just freak me out. But this very American-spin with the buttermilk-fried chicken breast rocked my world. Super soft and full of flavour. I’d be back to eat this in a heartbeat.

Radisson RED OUIBar rib-eye

Rib-eye and chunky fries

Radisson RED OUIBar here chicky burger

The delicious Here Chicky Burger

Finishing Off With Dessert

To finish off the afternoon, we tried the Radisson RED OUIBar Eton Mess, and their home-made cookies, which they normally serve with coffee. The desserts were very sweet (as I usually find desserts to be), but I particularly enjoyed the little cookies. I wish I had written down exactly what was in this – but, alas, my memory escapes me and I do apologise. They were yummy though and very far from boring.

Radisson RED OUIBar eton mess

Messy mess

Radisson RED OUIBar cookies

The cookies, glorious cookies

Final Impressions – And Where To Find OUIBar + KITCHN

It was pretty hard not to be impressed with the Radisson RED OUIBar. The service was great, the food was phenomenal, and Brittani and I had a brilliant time. I think they excel in the more casual food space – which is perfect, really, as that’s exactly what they’re trying to be. The Chicken Strips, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Pizza, and the Burger were beyond fantastic, and I’d grab a group of friends and head there for a casual dinner any day. (It’s a pretty big and open space, so not really your intimate dining venue.)

Thank you to the Radisson RED and the OUIBar + KITCHN for having us. See below for all their details.

Radisson RED OUIBar + KITCHN

Address: Radisson RED Hotel, Silo 6, Silo Square, V&A Waterfront

Website: www.radissonred.com/cape-town

Call: +27 87 086 1578


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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: June 2018


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