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Last year things at Arnolds on Kloof were very exciting as they underwent a whole revamp of their dinner menu. This year we’ve had the chance to go back to what we all originally know Arnolds for – their world-class breakfasts. See, Arnolds on Kloof has just launched a brand new All-Day Breakfast Menu, and a bunch of fellow bloggers and I were one of the first lucky ones to try it.

I’m sure breakfast at Arnolds needs no introduction. It’s been the go-to spot for dozens of years, and every Cape Town dweller knows it as the breakfast spot to be. They’ve now spiced up their breakfast offering a little (not literally), but you’ll still find what you’d always find at Arnolds – great portion sizes, delicious food, and that perfect at-home atmosphere.

Now, let’s look at the new menu. It’s definitely quite something, and there is literally something on there for everyone. Fans of the old Chef’s Special will be happy to know that this dish is still available, just rebranded as the Farmhouse Breakfast. Other goodies include the Breakfast Burger, Breakfast Potjie Pot, In-A-Bowl Soul Food breakfasts, Banting Breakfast, Flapjack Stack, and smaller items such as croissants and toasties. They even have a unique Create Your Own section!

arnolds on kloof table setting

The table is set …

arnolds on kloof wanderlust coffee

Wanderlust coffee

Wanderlust Coffee

The nice thing about trying a new menu with a bunch of fellow bloggers is that you get to see so many dishes. I was there with my sister, Sabine, Anna from Anna’s Dumpling, Meg from Boring Cape Town Chick, and the wonderful Carishma Basday. And our breakfast tastes were all completely different, which is always rad.

One thing we did all agree on, though, was the necessity of coffee. Arnolds on Kloof has never been one to go with all the trendy Cape Town coffee brands, but they have now jumped on the bandwagon and introduced Wanderlust coffee. Wanderlust is a small and rather new-ish roastery that specialises in excellence. Or so I think, as that’s exactly what their coffees are. We all opted for the cappuccino – and none of us were disappointed.

The Extensive Breakfast Menu

Getting to breakfast: Anna had the Breakfast Potjie Pot (R89; ostrich potjie topped with a poached egg, served with potato rosti). I wasn’t sure I’d like a potjie pot for breakfast, but when the dish came out I quickly changed my mind. It smelled beyond amazing! I was tempted to try – and Anna did offer – but was so absorbed in my own breakfast. But Anna absolutely loved it. I’m definitely gonna give this a try soon! Given it’s an All Day Breakfast menu, I might even have this as a delicious (breakfast) lunch option!

Sabine had the In-A-Bowl Soul Food with Diced Bacon (R60; scrambled eggs, crispy potato rosti, and topped with grated cheese). She loved the originality of this dish. It’s quite seldom you find truly unique breakfast options, and since bowl food is all the rage lately, this is a lovely spin combining an old favourite with a modern trend. Plus, it’s Banting-friendly without being your typical eggs and bacon.

Carishma, well, she’s a special one and opted for the Create Your Own breakfast. Her choices included potato rosti (R20), baked beans (R10), guacamole (R20), mozzarella and cheddar mix (R20), sautéed mushrooms (22), and chilli (R10). She loved every bite and was adamant that Arnolds introduce it to the menu as ‘The Carishma’: A vegan-friendly and chilli-heaven breakfast alternative. Haha.

Meg and I went old-school and had the Farmhouse Breakfast (R85; 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 ostrich OR pork chipolatas, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, and potato rosti; served with toast). You can never go wrong with this. Yes, the price has increased a bit from what the Chef’s Special used to be, but it’s enough food to fill you up for the rest of the day – and deathly delicious! (Plus, just look at breakfast prices everywhere these days – the other day I went to a health place that I won’t name and paid R95 for a brekkie that left me starving)! Arnolds also gets their potato rosti just right. It may not look like traditional rosti ought to, but the flavour is all there. This breakfast is definitely my choice any day!

arnolds on kloof breakfast potjie pot

Breakfast potjie pot

arnolds on kloof bowl soul food breakfast

In-A-Bowl Soul Food Breakfast

arnolds on kloof carishma breakfast

The “Carishma”

arnolds on kloof farmhouse breakfast

Heaven. Literally. Farmhouse Breakfast.

But Wait, There’s More

Even though we all had our breakfast choices, Arnolds on Kloof decided to spoil us with a few more dishes to share: The Flapjack Stack (R60; cinnamon sugar, blueberries, maple syrup), the Open Omelette served in a pan with Chilli Mince and Guacamole (R68), and the Banting Breakfast with Smoked Salmon (R96; scrambled eggs, slice avocado, spring onion).

I didn’t try any of the latter two, though I heard they were great (they certainly looked it), but I did devour about half of the Flapjack Stack. These were yum but the blueberry coulis did stain my teeth quite a bit (Smurf Teeth isn’t really my style so I didn’t like that). So just be aware that this might happen and make sure you have some gum in your bag. And maybe not eat it on a first breakfast date.

arnolds on kloof banting breakfast

Healthy all the way with this Banting feast

arnolds on kloof omelette in a pan

How gorgeous is this omelette? Such a stunner!

arnolds on kloof flapjack stack

The Flapjack Stack

Try Arnolds on Kloof

All in all, you can never go wrong with breakfast at Arnolds on Kloof. Literally, you can never go wrong. I’ve been back since and tried their Eggs Benedict, which was also absolutely divine. And don’t forget that Arnolds has an Early Bird Special too: Eggs, bacon, and chipolatas with toast for R25, Monday – Friday from 06:45 – 07:00. Which reminds me: most of the breakfasts do come served with toast as well, including the already-massive Farmhouse Breakfast!

You’ll find Arnolds at 60 Kloof Street in Gardens. They’re open Monday to Friday from 06:45 – 22:00 and Saturdays and Sundays from 08:00 – 22:00. For more information, visit their official website here or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

We’ll be back soon with more foodie news!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: May 2018