My love affair with Chinese food comes in stages. Sometimes, I won’t eat it for months. Then, I have the most intense cravings all the time and need to satiate my noodle dreams. One of my latest adventures led me to Jade Tavern, the number one Chinese takeaway spot in Kenilworth, Newlands, and Mowbray.

I’ve mentioned repeatedly – and especially this last year – that I miss out on the best delivery food because I don’t live in the southern suburbs.

Smokin’ Wok for the best Thai, Eat Out The Box for hand-crafted pizzas and burgers … and now Jade Tavern for the best – and most affordable!!!! – Chinese food.

The Story Behind Jade Tavern

The mastermind behind Jade Tavern is Jay, who started cooking as a young child and learned all his dad’s recipes.

Coming from the motto that “happiness was cooking and making magical dishes”, Jay aims to share his family recipes with the world – or, for now, Cape Town.

The first Jade Tavern branch in Kenilworth opened over 20 years ago and still remains a successful establishment, which is certainly a testament to the continuous quality you can expect from Jade Tavern.

The Newlands and Mowbray branches are a little newer, giving more of the southern suburbs the Jade Tavern experience.

Jade Tavern Chinese food

A Jade Tavern feast

Jade Tavern Menu & Prices

Jade Tavern has a fantastic menu, offering everything you’d expect from a Chinese takeaway spot – and more!

You’ll find a selection of soups and spring rolls, vegetarian, beef, pork, chicken, prawn, kingklip, and duck main dishes, egg fried rice dishes, chow mein, and a selection of sides.

The prices are incredible.

You’re looking at an average of R85 for main dishes (duck is the most expensive at R130) and R65 for fried rice and noodle dishes.

The sides are R15 each.


They also have a separate sushi menu, with a good range of rolls, chef’s specials, and combo deals. And the best part? You can get 2-for-1 deals on all sushi!!!


Sushi and chicken spring rolls

Left: Spring rolls | Right: The prettiest sushi

Jade Tavern Specials

Jade Tavern runs regular deals if you order through them directly.

These include:

  • Daily: Buy 1 portion of spring rolls & get one free.
  • Daily: 2-for-1 sushi on regular rolls and combos (excluding platters).
  • Tuesdays: Buy one, get one free on all chow mein.

The 2-for-1 sushi deal is probably the most exciting for me because I love sushi, but having tried their chow mein, I can highly recommend you make use of the Tuesday deal.

Not only are the chow mein dishes incredibly well-priced to begin with, but they’re super yummy too!!!!

Jade Tavern Delivery Options

You can get FREE delivery within the immediate area if you order directly from the Jade Tavern website.

But you can also order through Mr D or UberEATS if that’s more convenient for you.

Jade Tavern chow mein in takeaway box

Eat out the box if you like … or dish up for the family

The I Love Foodies Jade Tavern Review

As always, I like trying a bit of everything to give you the best feedback.

I ordered a selection of takeaway food from Jade Tavern in Mowbray.

The I Love Foodies menu:

  • Chicken Spring Rolls (R25)
  • Pork Dumplings (R45)
  • Beef Oyster Sauce (R90)
  • Chicken Chow Mein (R70)
  • Sweet & Sour Pork (R90)
  • 2x Egg Fried Rice (R30)
  • 1x Plain Noodles (R15)
  • Salmon California Rolls (R85)

Portions were super well-sized.

Jade Tavern also runs frequent specials (see above), so we got to enjoy a few extra sushi rolls and one extra spring roll.

I also really, really like the Jade Tavern packaging.

I always dream about eating Chinese food out of gourmet takeaway boxes – like in the movies – and Jade Tavern makes those dreams come true.

Fried rice and chicken chow mein

Fried rice and noodle dishes are superb

Chinese Rice & Noodle Dishes

Luckily, their takeaway boxes aren’t the only things that are awesome.

I loved the Jade Tavern food.

It’s everything you’d expect it to be – indulgent, comforting, flavourful, and absolutely more-ish.

My two favourite dishes, if I had to choose, were probably the Beef Oyster Sauce (which I tried both with the plain noodles & the plain egg-fried rice) and the Chicken Chow Mein.

But the Sweet & Sour Pork was also pretty good.

Fried noodles

Chinese noodles are always a winner, no matter the dish

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls, dim sum, and sushi were good, too, but not nearly as exceptional as the Chinese rice and noodle dishes.

The spring rolls are very traditional and doughy, though I personally prefer a lighter twist – like the approach Smokin’ Wok takes with their thin-crust glass noodle & veggie spring rolls.

This is very much a matter of personal preference, though.

If you like traditional spring rolls, you’d probably enjoy these.

Dim Sum

I’ve also been absolutely spoiled when it comes to dim sum as I recently tried out Linko’s in Observatory, and I don’t think I’ll ever find a spot that does better.

Jade Tavern doesn’t focus on dim sum, though, and only have one dim sum dish on the menu, so this is by no means a reflection of the quality of food you can expect!

At R45 a box, though, these are still great value for money.

Pork dim sum

The dumplings are great value for money


I absolutely loved the overall presentation & the individual sushi shapes. These are so unique that it makes eating them all the more joyful!

Price-wise, Jade Tavern’s sushi is also pretty hard to beat, and you get great quality for what you’re paying – especially considering you’re getting 2 for 1!

I’d certainly have the sushi again – and try a bigger selection the next time around.

Oyster beef and sweet & sour chicken

Left: Oyster beef | Right: Sweet & sour chicken

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for exceptional Chinese food at out-of-this-world prices, then you can’t get better than Jade Tavern.

This is hands down some of the best Chinese food I’ve had in a long time.

They’ll definitely be my number one place to grab takeaway or delivery from when I’m next in the area!

So should you try them?


I’d suggest going for the Chow Mein & Oyster Beef for sure, though according to my Instagram audience, the kingklip dishes are also pretty darn fantastic.

That said, I think you’d be good with any of the rice and noodle dishes as they’re all bound to be as yum as the ones I tried.

I’m certainly looking forward to exploring more of the menu!

Jade Tavern Contact Details

You’ll get all the Jade Tavern details below.

Contact details (including address and phone number) for the individual branches are listed on the website.

Can order through Mr D or UberEATS, but you can also order directly from the website and qualify for free delivery if you live in the area.

Jade Tavern

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday (12:00 – 21:00)



Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: July 2021

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