If you regularly read the I Love Foodies reviews, then you’ll know that we’ve recently struck up a love affair with the V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market. There are many reasons for this (you can go back to our first review on them here). Recently, however, this love affair became a little more cemented. Purely because they introduced us to their sushi menu!

My sister is one of the few people in Cape Town that doesn’t actually like sushi, so I grabbed my friend Marcel instead and went down to the V&A on a beautiful Cape Town Saturday for some sushi-loving. This was a review of a different kind, as we stuck entirely to the manager’s recommendations of what he thought we should try. I actually really like doing that as it gives me a greater insight into what the restaurant thinks it does best. Plus, I have the chance to try things I wouldn’t normally try.

We did get started with some drinks first, and stuck to the virgin versions of the Pina Colada and Granadilla Blast. The Pina Colada was an absolute winner. We had about three more of those each during the course of the afternoon. Totally worth it!

V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market cocktails

(Virgin) cocktails

The Menu For The Day

Food-wise we went a little wild, but I totally blame Clive, the manager, for this. We couldn’t possibly turn down his suggestions. So we tried a few things from their tapas menu – the prawn croquettes (R60) and tuna ceviche (R70) – and from their sushi menu – the Volcano Rolls (R64 for 3 / R126 for 6), Roses Platter (R168), and Signature Sushi Platter (R260). We kinda expected everything to come one at a time. You know, like in a many-course meal. But everything – literally, everything – came at the same time. And we felt like royalty.

And everything was divine. Favourites include the salmon roses, tuna roses, seared tuna roses, and the actual seared tuna. I’m always a big fan of rice paper rolls, but we both thought there was too much onion in them, which masked the taste of everything else. Many of the other sushi pieces were tempura / deep-fried, which I’m never a fan of. Surprisingly, though, Cape Town Fish Market has introduced some unusual styles – like the Ebi Bites and the Kataifi Bites in kataifi pastry – which weren’t half as bad, even for a non-tempura fan.

V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market prawn croquettes

Prawn croquetes

V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market roses

Roses platter

V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market sushi platter

Signature sushi platter

V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market tuna ceviche

Tuna ceviche

V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market volcano rolls

Volcano rolls

While I was pretty done after this feast, Marcel, typical man, was still a little hungry. He’d been eyeing the tapas portion of ribs since we’d walked in to the restaurant, so he ordered that and the tuna bites. I couldn’t possibly have another bite, but he swore that the ribs are some of the best he’s ever had. Literally fall-off-the-bone gorgeous.

V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market ribs


V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market tuna bites

Crispy tuna bites

Get All Sushi’d Up

Once again the Cape Town Fish Market has managed to impress me. I’m a total sushi girl and this feast from heaven made my day. Thank you CTFM! And a special thank you to Clive for your tremendous hospitality and taking the time to sit with us and explain how everything at CTFM works. We’ll be back soon!

For more information on the V&A Waterfront Cape Town Fish Market, visit the official CTFM website here or the V&A website here. They’re open seven days a week from 11:00 – 23:00. Booking is highly recommended, so give them a call on +27 21 418 5977 or email waterfront@ctfm.co.za to make your reservation. You’ll find them near the Clock Tower. 

We’ll be back soon with more foodie news!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2017