It would be fair to say that most of us have probably heard about collagen powder. So many products adorn aisles of health stores and even supermarket chains, promising radiant skin, reduced wrinkles, and flexible joints.

So when we had the chance to try out the Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen Powder, we thought we’d put those claims to the test!

But first …

What is collagen?

In a nutshell, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s the stuff that literally holds us together.

And, sadly, once we hit about 30 or so, our ability to make collagen declines.

This means our skin loses elasticity, joint mobility decreases, etc.

Of course, environmental factors like smoking, excessive drinking, an unhealthy diet, long days in the sun, and other unhealthy habits worsen this loss of collagen.

Now, we can’t stop ageing, but we can support our bodies and help slow down that process. So even before ageing is a concern, we want to ensure that our body can access all the good stuff to ensure it functions optimally.

Enter collagen powder.

Different types of collagen

There are a few types of collagen out there, but the most important ones are Type I, Type II, and Type III.

Types I and III are from bovine sources. Type I aids skin metabolism, leading to smoother and more radiant skin. Type III helps hair and nails grow healthy and strong.

Type II collagen is from chicken sources and improves joint health.

Different types of collagen

Needless to say, you want to be taking collagen sourced from pasture-fed and hormone-free animals.

You also want to take a product free from artificial flavourings, additives, and pretty much anything else that isn’t collagen.


So how does Youthology collagen measure up?

Youthology Collagen

As mentioned, there are a lot of collagen products out there, but not all collagen powders are created equal.

A quick look online shows that most collagen sold contains a lot of unnecessary additives.

And most products don’t tell you which type of collagen they contain! The ones that do often just state “bovine”. Some say that they contain Type I. A few say they contain Type I and Type III. And here and there, you’ll find a Type II product.

So why Youthology?

Youthology is different.

First of all, it doesn’t contain additives, fillers or any other nonsense. And its animal sources are pasture-fed and hormone-free.

Youthology collagen package

But here is my fave part: Youthology contains bovine collagen Types I and III AND chicken collagen Type II. I have yet to come across another local product that does this.

Considering that bovine and chicken collagen address different things, it makes sense to combine them and tackle ageing and health more holistically.


Something else that sets Youthology apart is that it is bioavailable and bioactive, meaning that it can be detected in the bloodstream within 30 minutes of consumption. Yay for actually being absorbed.

Youthology is also backed by clinical trials. To look at these (and other research on collagen), check out the extensive info on the Youthology website.

Youthology collagen powder in dish

An added bonus is that Youthology is virtually tasteless and odourless. It easily dissolves into coffee, tea, smoothies, soup and water – and you can even sprinkle it onto yoghurt!

Youthology Price: Focus On Affordability

Let’s talk about price. It’s easy to expect high-quality collagen to be unaffordable, but Youthology is actually really competitively priced.

A 500g pouch of Youthology sells for R690.

If I were to buy about 250g bovine collage Type I and III and 250g chicken collagen Type II and mix them together, it would cost roughly R1,400.


Youthology pure bioactive collagen

Now compare that to the price of Youthology!

Youthology Product Range And Selection

Youthology only sells one product – the Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen, containing Types I, II, and III collagen from bovine and chicken sources. I think that’s a great thing – the company obviously did their research and produced the best product they could.

Currently, only the 500g collagen pouch is available, but a 250g pouch and individual sachets are in development.

Youthology Website: Easy To Navigate

You can buy Youthology directly via their website.

Youthology collagen powder packaging

Browsing the site is super easy – and rather fun. There’s a multitude of information and research available for you to browse through.


But if you’re a repeat customer, you can click straight over to the shop and order your product quickly – more on this further down in the ordering & delivery section.

Youthology Customer Service

Wanting to test the customer service aspect of Youthology, I played the sneaky reviewer and e-mailed some questions I already had answers to. Sorry, Deb.

The Youthology customer services team was relatively quick & efficient – I had my answers within a day or two.

Youthology Ordering & Delivery

Placing the order for my 500g pouch of Youthology Pure Active Collagen was super easy!

A simple click, click, add to cart, checkout and done – all followed by an “order received” email.

When I ordered, shipping was free on all orders, which I thought was really great. I’m sad to see that this has now changed to free shipping for orders over R750.

Youthology website order form

A few days after ordering, I received a notification that my product was on route. Sadly, I had no idea where it was “on route” from, so I couldn’t gauge when it would arrive.

Some specificity and a better indication of which day the product would be delivered would be a tad more helpful.

The I Love Foodies Youthology Collagen Powder Review

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff – our actual review of the product!

Like most people, the idea of radiant skin totally excites me. I mean, who wouldn’t want healthy, happy skin?

Unfortunately, I’ve also been experiencing sore joints in my hands. I type far too much and my hands aren’t very big, so punching a keyboard all day has left its toll.

I had already been taking Type I and Type III collagen from a competitive brand for a few months, but I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference.

So when the opportunity to review Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen Powder came up, I thought that maybe this brand would actually “do” something – but I didn’t expect too much.

How To Take Youthology Collagen

Youthology advises taking one or two heaped tablespoons of collagen a day. However, I’m not very big and don’t weigh much, so I settled on one heaped tablespoon daily in my first cup of coffee.


Life happened, and I kind of forgot to monitor any specific changes, but I’m a routine person and continued to take my daily collagen.

Youthology is really super easy to take.

My ideal way is in coffee because it dissolves perfectly. I drink instant coffee at home (don’t judge), so I’m good to go with a spoonful of coffee, a tablespoon of Youthology, hot water, and a splash of milk.

Spoonful of collagen

I’m super sensitive to taste, but I can truly say that I don’t taste the Youthology collagen powder in my coffee.

That said, I would probably taste it if I used two tablespoons. Then, I’d split my dose into two cups of coffee, just to be safe.

A Note On the Packaging

There is one thing I didn’t enjoy – the packaging.

There is a “tear here” area at the back of the pouch. But it didn’t “tear here” – instead, it kind of tore through the Ziploc part of the bag, making that function useless.

Even so, the opening is just a little too small, especially when you get to the bottom half of the product. I found myself spilling precious collagen powder trying to get it out of the pouch.

Youthology collagen in coffee

Eventually, I cut off the top of the pouch and used a clothes peg to close it. I should have done that right away.

So Did I See Any Changes?

Taking a product is all good and well, but it’s useless if you don’t actually experience any changes.

One day, about five weeks into taking Youthology, I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow, hello, radiant glowy skin”. A few days later, someone commented on how good my skin looked.

My skin also seemed healthier, plumper, and smoother to the touch – all the good things I had hoped for!

I noticed a few other changes, too.

I’ve always had really strong nails that grow super fast, but instead of having to trim them weekly (I can’t stand my nails hitting the keyboard), I was now trimming them every couple of days.


Not too long ago, I had also decided to cut my long hair quite a bit shorter. But now it’s almost back to its original length. My hair never grows this fast, so this is a definite plus!

And the pain in my hands?

Well, I’m happy to say that most of the joints in my hands are almost back to normal. I can even wear a ring that I haven’t been able to get onto my fingers for the last few months!

Youthology pure bioactive collagen

The sorest of my joints – my little baby finger on the right – is still in pain and swollen, though. I will continue to monitor the little one and hope that Youtholgoy helps it recover too.

So What’s The Verdict On Youthology Collagen Powder?

I am seriously, seriously impressed with Youthology and will continue to use it.

I didn’t expect to be wowed, but wowed I was!

This is definitely a product I can happily recommend.

Our Gift To You

And now the good news.

Because we want to share the goodness, we’re offering all our readers 15% off any order at Youthology!

Use voucher code YOUILF15 for 15% off your order.

(That’s over R100 off!!!!)

You can order directly from the Youthology website.

Youthology Contact Details

For more information on Youthology, check out their details below.





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Article Date: June 2022

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