There are few things in life as epically awesome as a bottomless brunch.

Okay, perhaps bottomless oysters but I’m a foodie of note and have only had the luxury of experiencing that twice in my life … ok, three times …

But bottomless brunches are right up there. And the brand-new Bottomless Bubbly & Brunch at the Latitude Aparthotel in Sea Point is pretty darn awesome.

Boschendal Bubbly with views from the Latitude Aparthotel in Sea Point

How’s this for bubbly with a view?

What’s The Latitude Aparthotel By Totalstay?

Aparthotels seem to be the new in thing and they’re popping up everywhere.

In a nutshell, an aparthotel is a type of hotel that provides self-catering apartments and ordinary hotel facilities.

I often think of it as the best of both worlds and have secret fantasies of living in one. But, alas, I’ll stick to merely dining at them.

The Latitude Aparthotel by Totalstay in Sea Point boasts 32 full-service apartments that feature both mountain and sea views.

Luckily, the rooftop restaurant is open to both guests and external visitors.

Rooftop Views

Latitude kitted out their rooftop as a casual dining area, with a glass-surrounded interior, lounge exterior, and small pool area.

It wasn’t warm enough to swim when I visited but this is a great spot to enjoy the warmer days. Plus, it apparently boasts epic sunset views, making it the perfect location for a sundowner.

When I visited, late on a Saturday morning, the views were pretty spectacular already, so I can only imagine what a little sunset colour will do.

Latitude Aparthotel Sea Point view

The Latitude Aparthotel boasts amazing views

Outside lounge seating at the Latitude Aparthotel

You can soak up the sun outside

The Latitude Bottomless Bubbly & Brunch Experience

Menu & Price

The Latitude Aparthotel Bottomless Bubbly & Brunches take place every Saturday from 11:00 to 15:00.

The menu includes:

  • Bottomless Boschendal bubbly
  • 2 x oysters
  • Choice of chia seed bowl OR granola pot
  • Choices of eggs Benedict with bacon OR mushroom

Cost? R400 per person.

The real star of the show, of course, is the Boschendal bubbly. It’s a fine bubbly at that, and best enjoyed with good friends, good food, and stunning views.

You’ll have to bring the former, but the Latitude Aparthotel will definitely provide you with the latter.

Bottomless Bubbly & Brunch Oysters

All good things start with oysters

The I Love Foodies Review

Latitude Aparthotel invited the I Love Foodies team to experience the Bottomless Bubbly & Brunch, and we were lucky enough to bring friends, which really makes all the difference.

If you’re joining them for the brunch, you definitely want to make the most of it. And there’s nothing better than sharing a beautiful experience with good friends.

We arrived at 11am – German punctuality – and were immediately greeted and seated by the super kind staff.

The first bottle of bubbly was popped open a few minutes later and we toasted to celebrate the beautiful morning.

Bottomless brunch chia seed bowl

The chia seed bowl is insanely delicious

Latitude Aparthotel brunch Granola Pot

Even the granola pot is pretty

Tasting The Food


As a starter, you’ll get to enjoy 2 oysters per person. Oyster and bubbly pairings are common for a reason, and the two go together beautifully.

The oysters were wonderfully fresh and delicious — and just large enough for ultimate oyster happiness.

Chia Seed Or Granola?

Up next, you can choose between the chia seed bowl or a granola pot.

We tried both and, while both are delicious, I can highly recommend the chia seed bowl. Topped with toasted coconut flakes, nuts, fresh fruits, and honey, it’s full of flavour and insanely delicious.

I’d go back just for that.

The granola bowl is also delicious and combines granola with yoghurt and a delicously sweet fruit pulp, but it pales in comparison to the chia seed bowl.

Eggs Benedict

Since all of us were bacon lovers, we only tried the eggs benedict with bacon.

Served on a traditional English muffin, this is a classic benedict option that definitely hits the spot.

Even though the portion is standard-size and includes two poached eggs like every other eggs benedict I’ve had in my life, I was still surprisingly hungry after finishing the meal.

I definitely think this is a side effect of the bubbly, though, but thought I’d mention it in case it’s something that’s crossed your mind.

Final Verdict

Overall, we had a great time at the brunch – the food was delicious, the views were great, and the bubbly, as promised, was truly bottomless.

It’s a little pricey to indulge on a weekly basis but, for a special occasion, this is a great option.

Perhaps have a breakfast first though to make sure you’ll be properly satiated. After all, if you’re enjoying the brunch till 15:00, then it does turn into a bit more of a lunch.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs benedict is always a winner

Try the Latitude Aparthotel Bottomless Bubbly & Brunch

Here are all the details you need to check out the Latitude Aparthotel Bottomless Bubbly & Brunch.

  • When: Saturdays 11:00 – 15:00
  • Menu: 2x oysters, chia seed bowl OR granola pot, eggs benedict, bottomless Boschendal Brut
  • Cost: R400 per person

You’ll find the address and socials below.

Latitude Aparthotel By Totalstay

Address: 101 Regent Road, Sea Point



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Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: November 2020


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