Last week we attended the launch of the Kove Collection’s Bobo’s Brasserie, a brand-new restaurant that has taken over the place where Pepenero used to be. I was quite sad when I first heard Pepenero had closed as I have many fond memories of that spot, but Bobo’s Brasserie, as the launch party showed, promises to be wonderful as well.

I absolutely love the interior of Bobo’s Brasserie. It’s arty-chic, with beautiful paintings, tons of colour, and a real summer cool vibe. Of course tables and chairs had been cleared out to accommodate the guests on launch night, but judging from pictures of how the space looks with all furniture in place, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Bobo's brasserie

Best way to catch a sunset

Bobo's brasserie seating

Beautiful seating

Bobo's brasserie cocktails

Killer cocktails

On the night, we tried some bubbly, a few cocktails, and a handful of bite-size foodie portions, including fresh oysters, the most delicious prawn and salad wraps, burgers, potato crisps, and more.

Of course I won’t be able to give a full review of Bobo’s Brasserie based on that, but as soon as I have a sit-down dining experience, I’ll be sure to share with you all. I’m off on my Christmas vacation though, so that will only be next year. So if you do go visit Bobo’s Brasserie this summer before I do, please pop me a note and let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing all about it!

Bobo's brasserie

Left to right: Sabine Palfi, Marcel Furmie, Benike Palfi

Bobo's brasserie benike palfi nadine carrol

Yours Truly with Nadine from Living It Up CT

Visit Bobo’s Brasserie

You’ll find all the need to know info on Bobo’s Brasserie below. Enjoy!

Bobo’s Brasserie

Address: 1 Two Oceans Beach, Beach Rd, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8001

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday (12:00 – 22:30)


Call: +27 21 439 9027


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All photos by Werner Ryke, courtesy of Little Black Book.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2018

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