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Good specials are certainly the way to go – especially right now, during Covid times, where us locals are scrambling to make a living but still want to have a life. Enter Ginja Restaurant at the V&A Waterfront with their R550 Prawn & Wine Platter For Two Special, which I recently had the pleasure of trying.

Ginja, as you may know, is situated at the base of the Victoria & Alfred Hotel and opposite the V&A Food Market.

While the back stretches into the hotel, the front-facing side offers uninterrupted views of the harbour, the city, and Table Mountain, always standing proudly in the background.

Rain or sunshine, night or day; the views are breathtaking. Either you’ll be mesmerised by gorgeous skies or entranced by the city lights, but the views in themselves are worth going for.

Add in the outside terrace and water-side seating that will easily remind you of European street dining for some extra charm, and you have all the ingredients for a magical evening out.

I could go on for ages, but I’m not here to catapult you into the world of romantic charm and beautiful scenery – I’m here to tell you about the food.

V&A Waterfront Harbour

A chilly and calm day, offering spectacular water reflections

V&A Waterfront Pier

The sky as art

Dining At Ginja

It’s been a good long time since I visited Ginja.

My first dinner visit was in 2017, and I visited again for their spectacular Gin High Tea way before Covid hit. So, it’s been a while, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Sabine and I headed out for an early dinner on a beautiful yet chilly Saturday evening, ready to be impressed (or not).

The Ginja Menu & Prices

We didn’t have to browse the menu as we knew we’d be going for the special – but where’s the fun in skipping the “window shop”?

So we did have a quick look at the rest of the menu, which includes a nice selection of small plates, which can double as tapas or starters, salads, seafood, steak, burgers, flatbreads, and dessert.

Prices average at about R130 for small plates and salads, R200 for mains and flatbreads, and R85 for dessert.

[You can access the full menus on the Ginja website]

Terrace entrance to Ginja Restaurant

The terrace entrance to Ginja Restaurant

Ginja restaurant table decorations

A little green on the table goes a long way

The Wine List

Ginja also has an extensive wine list, equipped with an overview of the South African wine regions and tasting notes, which is a spectacular addition if you don’t have a sommelier at hand and need some help selecting a good wine.

Even as a South African familiar with dozens of varietals and flavour profiles, I find navigating the wine space a little tricky, and any helping hand is welcome.

The Iona Sauvignon Blanc, which is included in the special (I’ll get to the full details in a bit), is described as having “nuances of grapefruit, intense tropical fruit, ripe gooseberry and flesh kiwi fruit … [with] distinctive herbal and floral undertones”.

Pairing suggestions include pork, fish, wraps, and salad.

And, in case you were wondering, a 750 ml bottle of the Iona Sauvignon Blanc goes for R422. If you were paying for the bottle, the whole rest of the meal would cost you a mere R128. Now, if that’s not a specular deal, then I don’t know what it is.

Iona Sauvignon Blanc wine

The outstanding Iona Sauvignon Blanc wine

Iona Sauvignon Blanc wine

With the perfect view

The Prawn & Wine Special

So what does the special include?

R550 gets you 16 chilli garlic queen prawns, fries, toasted ciabatta, a table salad, and a bottle of Iona Sauvignon Blanc.

It’s meant for two people, but I’d recommend you come very, very hungry. The portions are massive.

Service at Ginja was spectacular, and both the wine and the food were served in record time. And our waiter, Robert, was delightful as well as efficient.

Ginja restaurant prawn & wine special

The prawn and wine special

The Tasting Experience

And the food?


Odd fact, but Sabine doesn’t usually like prawns – and she loved these!

I, on the other hand, am a prawn fanatic. Most of my dreams may be sushi dreams, but prawn dreams aren’t far off.

At first, I was a little worried that the garlic chilli sauce would be too spicy for me (I’m such a lightweight), but it was perfect, adding that light creamy goodness to the soft and subtle prawns. It also went superbly well with both the fries and the ciabatta.

The salad was also fantastic. If you see a promotion that includes a table salad, it’s quite likely that you can expect a plain lettuce & tomato salad that’s tasteless and awful.

I actually went to a cafe the other day, and the salad I got was literally a side plate with 1/8th of a lettuce head – whole, not chopped! – with a few tomato wedges, smothered in a cheap, creamy dressing.

Salad horrors be gone, and back to the good stuff.

The Ginja table salad includes a healthy portion of mixed green leaves, tomato, sprouts, feta, egg, avocado, carrot, and onion – and it was terrific!

We enjoyed every bite of this delicious meal, and it’s undoubtedly a special that I’d come back for!!!!

Ginja restaurant prawn and wine special

How’s this for a meal for two?

What Else Does Ginja Offer?

Watch this space – there are a few new exciting specials in the making, including a T-Bone Steak promotion!

Ginja also offers a phenomenal breakfast buffet at R275, which includes a wide selection of fruits, yoghurts, muesli, seafood (including oysters), charcuterie, baked treats, hot dishes, coffee, and tea.

The buffet is Covid-safe, and you’ll find everything behind plastic shields, with someone serving you.

The buffet runs daily from 07:00 – 11:00.

Ginja also offers a stunning Gin High Tea, which usually takes place on the first Saturday of every month, but this is currently on hold. I’ll be sure to update you with more info as and when I have it.

The Nitty Gritty Details

The Prawn & Wine special is available Monday through Sunday from 12:00 until 21:00.

The special is set to run until April, but this is likely to be extended due to popularity.

So check it out – you won’t regret it.

Visit Ginja Restaurant

You’ll find all the details about Ginja below.


Address: Waterfront Pierhead, Noble Square, V&A Waterfront



Call: +27 21 419 6677

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Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: March 2021

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