Let’s be honest, there is a lot, as in a looooooot, of good food here in Cape Town. And I have eaten a lot of it. And it has been phenomenal.  There is an entire compartment in my brain dedicated to the amazing culinary experiences I have had. Just a few minutes ago, I was telling my mom about one of the dishes I had a few years ago called Seasons of Pumpkin. I completely blame my sister for pulling me into this foodie life and making an accidental foodie out of me. But the point I am trying to get at is, that even with all these exciting foodie things out there and as much as I love them, at the core, I am still happiest with steak and vegetables on my plate. Preferably not touching. Don’t judge.

Now, Hussar Grill Camps Bay had a re-vamp and invited us to their re-launch media event. I was so excited that my normally commitment-phobic self rsvp-ed a month ahead of time. Cause, steak! It’s a little bit like that Jerry McGuire line: “You had me at hello”. Anyway, back to Hussar. I had been to the Camps Bay branch a gazillion years ago and that doesn’t really count, so I was definitely looking forward to this adventure.

I grabbed my steak-loving friend Ray and we headed out to the media launch at Hussar Grill Camps Bay. Aside from our media section, the first thing that hit me was how full the restaurant was. That is always a good sign. I did a little tour of the new space and really like it. It’s a mix of old-school cigar lounge charm and modern comfort. It’s much more spacious, there is a new glass wine cellar, and also an area where you can purchase meat to take home, which I think is super cool.

Oh Miss Molly

Glass of Miss Molly bubbles in hand, Ray and I grabbed a table at the window. My opinion is, if you are in Camps Bay, you should at least see the sunset! The table had some snacks on it, including the biltong Hussar makes itself. As a Namibian girl, I’m super picky about my biltong and generally don’t like beef biltong, but I quite liked this moist thick-cut version!

Hello and Welcome

After a warm welcome and rundown of the night’s menu by General Manager Cheldon, the evening of feasting began. Often at media events, you don’t order from the menu but are served a selection from the menu to share with your fellow table guests. This can be both good and bad. The good is that you get to try way more than if you had just ordered a starter and a main and that the restaurant gets to showcase what they would like you to try. The bad is that you don’t get to make your own selection and so may end up with something you don’t like.

Hussar Grill Camps Bay steak

Let’s Start with Starters

First up, and because you always need good wine, we had some Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc.

The Hussar Grill served us what would be my favourite starter of the night, the Italian tomato soup. Usually, this wouldn’t be what I would order at all, but I am so glad we got it. It was so good and I would totally go back for more.

We then got some Hollandse Bitterballen and a prawn and fresh avo cocktail. Again, I would have never ordered prawns, but I really liked these.

Last up, we had a show with flambéed chorizo. I just love chorizo and I always enjoy things being flambéed. It adds that bit of extra excitement.

Let’s Celebrate

But before I get to the mains, I need to talk about the wine. Hussar Grill has been around since 1964, which makes them 55 years old, and that, especially in Cape Town, is quite an achievement.

To celebrate their first 50 years of award-winning excellence, they created an anniversary red blend. This 2016 wine is a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinotage. And this is what we enjoyed for the rest of the evening. I have to say, having your own wine to celebrate with is super cool.

Steak, Steak, Steak

Of course, we enjoyed the starters, but GM Cheldon had made the assortment of steaks we would be having sound so good, that we were really looking forward to these.

First up, pork loin ribs! I am not a fan of basting drenched ribs and was so glad these weren’t. Instead, they were tasty and soft and that made me very happy.

Then there was the Bavette, the flank, made in an incredibly hot pan, sliced against the grain, and served with coarse salt. There is no better way to explain the taste than ‘meaty’, but I did enjoy how the salt seemed to break that strong flavour.

Then, my favourite of the evening, the Black Angus sirloin. It was nicely marbled and very, very good.

Next up was the Tomahawk steak, which was sliced at the table for us. It was a bit too rare for my liking, so I just had a little piece. Cheldon recommended the bone, so Ray grabbed that as he also found the meat a bit too rare.

Finally, we had the Chateaubriand. As I said, I do enjoy flambéed things, and this was no different. Both of us were so full though, we couldn’t really have more than a bite, but this is definitely on the order-next-time list!

Hussar Grill Camps Bay ribs

Sweet Goodbyes

If you have ever been to Hussar Grill, you know that they tend to end their meals with a little complimentary chocolatey drink. For the life of me, I can’t remember what is in it but I do know it is always a hit. It is a sweet gesture and way better than hard peppermints with your bill. **

Hussar Grill Camps Bay chocolate vodka

Final Thoughts

I had mentioned earlier that I hadn’t been to this Hussar in many, many years and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the feel, the old-school charm, and I really, really enjoyed the food. Good experiences are made with the people we share them with, but all of that aside, Hussar Grill Camps Bay made an impression on me and I look forward to dining there again soon.

A huge thank you to the staff at Hussar Grill Camps Bay, GM Cheldon, and to Lauren, for being one of my favourite people, and to her team, for being just as awesome.

Get all the details on Hussar Grill Camps Bay below.

Hussar Grill Camps Bay

Address: Shop 2, 108 Camps Bay Drive, Camps Bay, Cape Town

Website: www.thehussargrill.co.za

E-mail: campsbay@hussargrill.com

Call: +27 21 4380151


* All photos courtesy of Hussar Grill Camps Bay

**Editor’s Note: It’s a Chocolate Vodka.

Written by Sabine Palfi
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Article Date: November 2019


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