Top restaurants in Cape Town in 2020. This list can’t be entirely fair as 2020 has not been a kind year to any of us. It also hasn’t been particularly kind to the restaurant world with a lockdown that carried on for months, numerous restrictions, and, of course, the general safety concerns of eating out in public.

Our I Love Foodies eating adventures were somewhat diminished as well, though we did spend a good amount of time cooking and discovering exciting delivery services, frozen meal deliveries, and at-home meal kits, like UCOOK.

I’d highly recommend you browse through our Cape Town Pages for some exciting tidbits.

The list this year also doesn’t include any of our usual beloved fine dining establishments, like Foxcroft, La Colombe, or Greenhouse – because, Covid.

And then, unfortunately, 2020 has also seen the closure of many great restaurants, and our hearts go out to those establishments and their owners, employees, and families.

But still, we managed to dine out at numerous top-notch restaurants and we’ve included a handful of our absolute best dining experience from 2020 in this list – the best service, best views, and best food.

So, in no particular order, here are the I Love Foodies top restaurants of 2020.

Haute Cabriere

We started the year off with a bang and a visit to the ever-gorgeous Haute Cabriere wine estate just outside of Franschhoek.

Everything about Haute Cabriere was extraordinary – the service, the wine, the views, and the food.

I still fondly remember Foster, our amazing waiter, the delicious cured tuna, the kudu loin (#yum), and the marzipan-like almond cake!!! And, of course, nothing quite beats those fantastic views of the Franschhoek valley.

If you haven’t been to Haute Cabriere, it’s well worth the visit.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit them again in the new year!


Haute Cabriere

Lunch with a view at Haute Cabriere

Harringtons Cocktail Lounge

I’ve long been a fan of Harringtons Cocktail Lounge. But, this year, they’ve taken things to the next level as Celebrity Chef Jason Whitehead joined the team to spice up the menu.

The food was good before – but now it’s phenomenal.

I’m still dreaming about that delightful pan-seared rib-eye steak with truffle butter I had on a recent visit to their Wine Wednesday Evenings (R160 pp for wine tasting, wine pairing, mains, and dessert platter).

I definitely know that I’ll be spending more time at Harringtons Cocktail Lounge in 2021 (Covid-allowing).

And you should too!


Chocolate Mousse by Chef Jason Whitehead

Sometimes you’ll find some limited edition items at Harringtons, like this delicious chocolate mousse


The I Love Foodies team was supposed to visit Louisvale in November last year – but I was still in London at the time and it kept on getting postponed. I finally got to visit them just before lockdown in March – but we held out on the review until they were able to trade again.

Louisvale is situated in the Devon Valley near Stellenbosch, which I actually just discovered this year when I attended a Spek & Bone pop-up at Le Grand Domaine.

But just because it’s off the beaten path doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. Louisvale offers a fantastic dining experience!

Of course, it helps that their wines and their bubbly are pretty darn spectacular, but their food is out-of-this-world too!

It’s definitely worth driving out to visit them … and perhaps just leave with a few bottles of their wines!


Louisvale Wine Estate

Beetroot ravioli and smoked mackerel terrine to start the dining experience at Louisvale

Purveyor Steakhouse & Pizzeria

I only recently visited Purveyor Steakhouse & Pizzeria for a media launch but they left such an impression that I simply had to include them.

Also, I’m still dreaming about their fluffy beef-fat-glazed focaccia and those out-of-this-world Thai-style prawns.

Situated at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, this is a place that offers casual dining with a great selection of wines and sharing plates. But you don’t have to share if you’re like me and want the goodness to yourself.

Definitely looking forward to spending more time here in 2021.


Purveyor Steakhouse

Thai-style prawns for the win! *Photo credit: Gillian Coetzee

Harbour House

Harbour House is always a firm favourite – and for good reason.

I’ve visited them on numerous occasions and they consistently offer high-quality food. That’s the mark of a great restaurant.

We visited the Harbour House in Kalk Bay recently for a delectable experience and fully indulged in those gorgeous ocean views and delightful seafood dishes.

It’s a semi-casual restaurant that’s great for a nice spoil any time of year.


Starters at Harbour House

Lightly seared scallop, seafood stack, and grilled calamari to start

Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: December 2020

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