It’s not really a secret that I’m absolutely in love with The Village Idiot. Ever since this vibey place opened its doors a little while ago, I’ve been spending a lot of time there. It reminds of a Great Gatsby-ian world, with gold and glamour decorating the spacious interior, in addition to a muddle of assorted collectables and a back-room library adorning the pool room. There is also Oskar the ostrich, with quite an amusing back story, which I’d recommend everyone to read, and, of course, the hip and happening crowd that is guaranteed to offer a fantastic night out. And, yes, of course, there is the amazing food.

While I normally visit The Village Idiot in the evening and find myself nibbling on their amazing Biltong and Charcuterie Board or stealing bites from the Boerewors Burger, I finally decided to visit them for their Spit Roast Sundaze. There aren’t many places, especially in town, that you can hang out at on a Sunday afternoon and Spit Roast Sundaze definitely aims to change that. Combining a wonderful spit roast with a buffet of sides and live music performances, this is a pretty cool way to spend your Sunday.

The Village Idiot Photo 2

We got to The Village Idiot at around 12:30, got comfortable with a bottle of bubbly, fell in love with Hippopotamus Maximus, the owner’s amazing dog that’s famous for surfing and skateboarding, and sat relaxing by the fire waiting for our spit roast to finish sizzling. I always find The Village Idiot to have a bit of a time capsule appeal, and I never quite know how long I’m there for. Minutes seem like hours and vice versa, but I think it’s generally a sign of a good time if you forget the outside world.

The Village Idiot Photo 3

So, stuck in my little time bubble, I thought we had spent all afternoon drinking bubbly and waiting when it had actually only been an hour before the roast was ready. Grabbing our wooden boards, we were each served a generous portion of roast pork and crackling, as well as some roast onions and potatoes. Then we got to move on to the buffet section of sides, where there were rooster koeks, which I’ve become well-acquainted with through the Biltong and Charcuterie Board, roast sweet corn, baked potatoes, and an assortment of veggies.

The Village Idiot Photo 4

We were all starving by this time and kind of disappeared into a world of om-nom-nom-ing, indulging in a sweet love affair with our food. It’s always a tell-tale sign of a fantastic meal when all conversation ceases. With deeply satisfied tummies we resolved to sit back, listen to the live performance, and enjoy the rest of the champagne before heading out but, alas, The Village Idiot had other plans for us as our neighbouring diners received their dessert orders.

Gawking at the neighbouring chocolate brownies, our waiter explained to us that the dessert of the day was bread and butter pudding served with condensed milk ice cream. My friends instantly became hooked on the idea of the pudding, while I had foodie fantasies about the ice cream. It seemed to be our lucky day as, after dessert, they put out a dish of marshmallows and skewers for some yummy roasting by the fireplace, and since we just happened to be sitting next to the fire, our dessert was followed by a second dessert of roast marshmallows.

The Village Idiot Photo 5

Honestly, I could not have asked for a better Sunday. We had all planned on a short lunch visit, but eventually walked out of The Village Idiot some five hours later, ready to fall into a foodie coma. I’ll undoubtedly be back, both for a night out and a Spit Roast Sundaze. That said, I’d like to give a shout-out to my good friend Carla Louw, who’ll be performing for Spit Roast Sundaze on the 16th of August. She’s an amazing singer, and will be sure to provide much entertainment for your Sunday lunch, so definitely go check her out.

The Village Idiot is located at 32 Loop Street. Booking is definitely recommended, so be sure to give them a shout on +27 21 418 1548. Also check them out online, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I Love Foodies will be back next week with another foodie adventure.

Written by Benike Palfi

Review Date: July 2015