Watermelon cubes floating on a cloud of mist, a refreshing cucumber wrap, a cocktail that has to be drunk while the strainer is inside … Sounds like an extreme sport, right? But, nope, this is what you can expect of the new season menu at Cause & Effect Cocktail Kitchen in the Cape Town CBD.

Cause & Effect, an absolute gem, is nestled away on Park Road in Gardens. It has such a laid-back feel when you first enter. But as soon as you spot the barman making a drink in what looks like a mini fish tank with mist coming out of it, this laid-back feel turns into a very inquisitive feel. What is this spot all about? What magic lies here? We were soon to discover it all.

The Cobra Spritz

My partner and I were shown to our table, after which our friendly waiter Sbu told us that first up on the slab was the Cobra Spritz cocktail. Intimidating as it sounds, especially if you’re not a fan of snakes like me, it was amazing. And the presentation was even better! This cocktail was mixed with the Slangbos house brandy, martini rosso vermouth, Schweppes soda, and martini prosecco.

Watermelon & Cucumber Wraps

While sipping our cocktails, out came our starters. Here we had some watermelon and a plate of cucumber wraps. Now, guys, as ordinary as that sounds, trust me, there was nothing ordinary about these two dishes. And presentation-wise – wow, talk about turning an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!

Prawn Couscous

Then it was time for some real food. A recent fave of mine is couscous, which here was mixed with an incredible gravy with bits of prawn! It was the most delicious thing. Listen, when I tell you that Cause & Effect Cocktail Kitchen has mad presentation skills, you got to believe me! Our prawn couscous looked like a beautiful garden!

Apricot & Truffle Julep

Then came our second cocktail of the night, the Apricot and Truffle Julep! Again, a beauty. This drink came with a little strainer and Sbu told us that we had to drink it with the strainer so that we get all the goodness. LOL! The Apricot and Truffle Julep is Oude Molen Brandy VS, apricot, truffle oil, honey, and mint.

Slider & Fries

Then our second meal came in the form of the good ol’ slider! You can never go wrong with hamburgers and fries, right?

Ice Cream & Brandy

Lastly we were treated to some dessert. This was an ice cream and brandy marriage! I almost did not eat this because I was so full, so I told myself I would just take a tiny taste! Haha, the “taste” ended up with me having an entire dessert bowl! It was delightful.

Visit Cause & Effect

Cause & Effect Cocktail Kitchen was such a lovely experience. I even lost my mind when they started playing hip hop! Such an amazing place with an equally amazing vibe! Thank you for inviting I Love Foodies! We’ll definitely be back.

Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen

Address: 2A Park Road, MLT House, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Opening Times: Tuesday – Saturday (12:00 – 01:30)

E-mail: kurtcocktail@icloud.com

Call: +27 21 422 0266

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Written by Mary-Anne Gontsana

Article Date: December 2018


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