Chefs Cape Town: A New Chef On The Block

Chefs Cape Town Ordering Point

Restaurants pop up left, right and centre in Cape Town, but they all tend to do something someone else is already doing. So when I heard what Chefs Cape Town, one of the newest lunch time spots, is doing, I thought cool, that is something different. In a nutshell, Chefs has set out to offer gourmet-style food with the speed and style of a cafeteria. But how could that possibly work?

Chefs Cape Town had its media launch last week, so I Love Foodies went to investigate. First thing I noticed is that Chefs does not look like a ‘normal restaurant’. Not at all! Chefs is basically a big kitchen with tables and chairs. Also, there were no waiters, no menus, and no fuss. However, there were a lot of chefs, and, in this case, fellow media peeps.

Chefs Cape Town Jenny Ward

Chef Jenny Ward

And this is how Chefs works: You walk up to the counter, check out the menu of the day on an iPad, make your selection, and sit down at a table. Soon after, a chef will bring you your order, together with the complimentary juice of the day, on a cafeteria tray. And then, of course, you get to enjoy!

There are only three menu items per day (the light option, the veggie option, and the more substantial meat/fish option). This means that Head Chef Jenny Ward gets to focus all her time and energy on these three dishes, making them the best version of what they could be! All ingredients are ethically sourced and free range, and there is a huge focus on making almost everything in house, which I love. Also, almost everything is made in a wood oven, which gives the food that extra special flavour!

Chefs Cape Town Plating

Final Touches

The Chefs menu changes daily. The day I visited, our lunch options were as follows: Chefs Burrata Caprese Salad, Carpaccio of Tuna, and, my choice, the BBQ Lamb Cutlets. The portions are very generous and the cutlets were out of this world. Probably the best I have ever tasted! They came with chips, a side salad, and tomato corn salsa.

Chefs Cape Town BBQ Lamb Cutlets

Chefs BBQ Lamb Cutlets Meal

So that there is no compromise on the quality of your meal and the speed at which you get it, Chefs does not allow any changes to the menu, which I totally understand. However, for those of us who eat outside a ‘normal’ diet, this becomes a bit of a challenge and low carb me could only enjoy half my meal 🙁

As mentioned, Chefs serves you your food on a cafeteria tray, which is a fun little novelty. As you may have gathered from my previous posts and my never-ending fight with putting on aprons, I am terribly uncoordinated, so the tray and me did not get on well. Next time I visit, I think I’ll just take my dishes off the tray and put them on the table before I tuck in. It may be safer for everyone around me …

Chefs Cape Town The Plating Trays

Creation of Foodie Trays

All in all, Chefs lives up to its promise of being able to serve up great food without having to wait ages for it! One of the media peeps on the day of the launch confessed to have already eaten at Chefs three times that week and I understand why. Hats off, Chef Jenny, I am still dreaming about those cutlets …

To check out the menu options of the day, visit the Chefs website here. You can visit Chefs at 81 St John’s Street in Gardens, Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 16:00.

Written by Sabine Palfi

Review Date: November 2016