Some spaces have the power to transport you to places far away. They let you feel calm amongst hundreds of people. They let you feel like are at the beach even if you are not. You tend not to find these places in franchises, tourist attractions, and shopping malls, so imagine my surprise when I set foot into the new Cape Town Fish Market at the Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront. First of all, this restaurant is huge, but instead of feeling crowded, if feels light and spacious. It feels like a relaxed Sunday at the beach.

Turns out this beautiful space can hold up to 500 people and has a private dining room, restaurant-style seating, beach seating, terrace seating, sushi bar, and bar seating. On the day we visited, the restaurant was pretty full, but it never felt crowded and in my mind that is a pretty awesome thing! Something else that is pretty awesome is Cape Town Fish Market’s focus on fresh seafood.  If they can’t find it fresh, they won’t sell it. It always surprises me how much seafood sold in our beautiful seaside city comes from a freezer, so I was happy to hear that this does not happen at CTFM (exception being mussels during the red tide). Also, I have never felt it necessary to mention the look of a menu before, but I have to say that Cape Town Fish Market’s menu is beautiful!

Outside seating area

Sushi bar

Benike and I had purposefully skipped breakfast when we visited the Cape Town Fish Market for lunch on a warm ‘winter’ Sunday. And I’m glad we did! While we studied the very extensive menu, we started with a big bottle of sparkling water (R32). We were also treated to some amazing live music from Gareth James Music. For starters, my sister decided on the Teppanyaki Salmon with a sweet soy butter sauce (R85). I choose the lamb croquettes with cheese and spicy mayo (R65). Both our starters were full of flavour, delicious and the generous portions were beautifully presented.

Teppanyaki salmon

Lamb croquettes

My sister could eat sushi three times a day. So the fact that she would be having sushi was a no brainer. But which of the delectable platters would she choose? After much discussion and wanting to order outside her usual sushi comfort level,  she went with the Saldanha Bay platter consisting of 2 rainbow roses, 3 salmon roses, 4 tuna crunch rolls, 3 crispy tuna bites and 4 prawn and mango rolls (R260). Again, a generous portion perfectly presented and my sister was happy!

Me, I’m probably one of the three people in Cape Town who don’t like sushi and although I think it’s pretty to look at, it just doesn’t work for me. I ordered the 180g portion of Kingklip with lemon butter, tomato & onion concasse and a side of vegetables (R128). I think it’s pretty cool that CTFM has two portion sizes of Kingklip available, so you can pick according to your hunger level. The fish really was incredibly fresh and yummy, but for some reason there was more oil on my plate than I would have liked.

Saldanha Bay sushi platter


Panna cotta

As all good things end with dessert, my sister ordered the panna cotta with seasonal fruit and ice cream (R54). Although a bit more crème caramel than panna cotta, she was still super happy with her choice. I sneakily plucked some fruit off her plate while enjoying my version of a dessert, a cappuccino (R24).

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. Good food, great atmosphere and some amazing live music. A huge thank you to the manager Clive for taking so much time to show us around. The passion you feel about this restaurant is contagious. Thank you also to our waitress Tracey for taking such good care of us.

For more information on the Cape Town Fish Market, visit their official website here. The Cape Town Fish Market at the Clock Tower is open seven days a week from 11:00 till 23:00.

We’ll be back with more foodie news soon!

Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: October 2017