There’s a brand new frozen meal service on the block – Mint Food At Home – and we’ve got a review for you! I was writing about how much I like frozen meals just the other day, so the opportunity to try a bunch of dishes by Mint Food At Home came at the perfect time. They’re a brand new kid on the block with a wealth of delicious dishes available.

Mint Food At Home was started just a few weeks ago by Gavin Muller, who has 25 years of experience in the VIP hospitality and catering world overseas. As luck would have it, it turns out I’m actually very familiar with one of the catering companies he’s worked for in London – and have spent a good amount of time working with them as well! The world is a small place, it seems. I remember their food oh-so-fondly, so was only too excited to try Gavin’s dishes on home ground.

A quick side note: In my personal conversations, I’ve noticed some confusion between Mint Food At Home, the frozen food delivery service reviewed here, and Mint, the restaurant at the Taj Cape Town. The two are not related. If you’re looking for the latter, you can read the I Love Foodies review on Mint Restaurant at the Taj.

Mint Food At Home Frozen Meals Beef Lasagne in Package

All items come with full cooking instructions

Mint Food At Home Frozen Meals Macaroni Cheese In Package

You’ll also be able to see the ingredients and allergens

Mint Food At Home Frozen Meals Butter Chicken Curry

Aren’t the colours pretty?

Ordering From Mint Food At Home Is Super Simple

Ordering food on the Mint Food At Home website is super simple. You can create an account before filling up your basket or when you’re ready to check out. I chose the latter option. The menu itself is comprised of a selection of traditional global dishes and features food that is wholesome and honest, without additives, preservatives, and junk. There are over 25 menu items available, including beef, chicken, lamb, vegan, and vegetarian dishes. Portion sizes include options for 1, 2, or 4 people.

The menu is super easy to navigate, and very, very clear. Also, Mint Food At Home is 100% honest about their ingredients. Not only are diet-specifics such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan pre-categorised, but you can also find out exactly what’s in a dish. Each menu option also gives you a list of allergens and nutritional information, as well as serving suggestions.

My Personalised Menu

I tried quite an array of the dishes in 300g single portion sizes:

  • Beef Stroganoff (R70)
  • Beef Casserole (R50)
  • Butternut Mash (R40; double portion)
  • Beef Lasagne (R65)
  • Vegetarian Macaroni Cheese (R45)
  • Beef Bolognese (R55)
  • Penne Pasta (R15)
  • Butter Chicken Curry (R55)
  • Lamb Tomato Bredie (R70)
  • Fragrant Yellow Rice (R15)
Tomato Lamb Bredie on Fragrant Yellow Rice

I served the Lamb Bredie with a portion of Fragrant Yellow Rice

Beef Stroganoff, Beef Casserole, and Butternut Mash in small dishes

Beef stroganoff (top left), butternut mash (right), beef casserole (bottom)

Butter Chicken Curry With Fragrant Yellow Rice

Butter Chicken Curry with Fragrant Yellow Rice

The Packaging

Checkout was quick and easy and the goodies arrived on my doorstep a few days later (see delivery info below). The packaging is beautiful. All containers are recyclable and oven-proof so you can pop them straight into your oven for easy heating. They also all contain a beautiful slip in the Mint Food At Home signature colours, complete with cooking instructions and a full list of ingredients. That way you can quickly ascertain if there are any allergens you may have missed.

Cooking Instructions

All of the cooking instructions did suggest placing the containers (once defrosted) into the oven, though I did end up warming some up in the pot, which is easier for me. This made absolutely no difference to the taste. Of course, there are some dishes that you absolutely have to stick in the oven – like the beef lasagne or the macaroni cheese.

Mint Food At Home Frozen Meals Beef Lasagne Frozen

Beef lasagne before cooking

Mint Food At Home Frozen Meals Tomato Lamb Bredie Frozen

Lamb Bredie, still frozen

Mint Food At Home Frozen Meals Macaroni Cheese Baked In Container

Macaroni Cheese baked in the oven-proof container before serving

My Top Recommendations

Flavour-wise, it’s pretty apparent that these are home-cooked meals full of goodness. Sometimes the dairy elements separated from the sauce a bit – like in the beef stroganoff – which is an indication of the additive-free nature of the dish. This may have affected the look of the dish, but it certainly did not affect the taste.

Indeed, the beef stroganoff was one of my favourites. Other favourites included the beef casserole, lasagne, beef bolognese, butternut mash, and the macaroni cheese. You’ll notice in the photos that I deliberately selected sides and mains that paired well – i.e. I had the butter chicken curry with a portion of rice, the lamb tomato bredie with rice, and the beef bolognese with the penne pasta. I also paired the casserole and the stroganoff with the butternut mash, though traditionally I would have paired these with rice, potatoes, or pasta. The butternut mash itself was divine – rich, creamy, and buttery!

The Winner: Beef Lasagne

If I had to select a number one winner, then this would have to be the beef lasagne. I’m a huge lasagne fan and it’s one of the dishes that I always get as a ready-made meal. Of course, lasagne is always delicious but it’s very likely that you’ll get a whole lotta pasta with not much else. This is definitely not the case with the Mint Food At Home lasagna. My photo certainly doesn’t do it justice but this lasagne is stuffed with mince – the perfect combination of mince, lasagna sheets, and cheesy goodness.

Beef Bolognese on Penne Pasta

Beef bolognese on penne pasta was one of my favourites!

Beef Lasagne Dished Out

The beef lasagne was the winner dish of them all

Macaroni Cheese Dished

I got this beautiful little pot as a gift recently – it was perfect for my Mac & Cheese

Get Mint Food At Home

As I’ve alluded to, ordering from Mint Food At Home is super simple, as is delivery and the like. All you need to do is click over to their online menu and get shopping. Here also a few notes on the deliveries:

Delivery information:

  • Delivery is free for orders over R400
  • Northern suburbs: Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Southern suburbs: Wednesdays
  • Winelands: Thursdays
  • For larger orders, Mint Food At Home will deliver outside their current delivery areas

For more information, visit their website. Also, feel free to e-mail them at or give them a call on +21 78 540 8649. And, finally, you can also check out Mint Food At Home on Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: July 2020

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