Pop Brixton is one of those trendy London spots where you’ll find a world of adventure, entertainment, and good food. And tucked away in a nook below a staircase, in what might have once been a container full of Tesla cars, is a little vegan fast food joint that boasts “Quality food for thought” 💭 This is Halo Burger. 

Halo Burger beckons you in with its classic fast-food red aesthetic, ’80s music blasting from a boom box mounted on the wall (playing such classics as Hungry Eyes, Don’t You (Forget About Me), and Heaven is a Place on Earth 🎶), and a simple, red-on-white menu that’s reminiscent of the American In-N-Out. Or an old school McDonald’s franchise.

Vegan Halo Burgers Pop Brixton

This is Pop Brixton

Pop Brixton

It’s quite a fun space

Welcome To The Roaring 20s

But as you walk in, you’re reminded of the era you’re in and the place where you are: This is Pop Brixton, and it’s the new Roaring 20s (hopefully🤞). The boom box smoothly transitions to Follow Me by Uncle Kracker, the Instagrammable wall highlights their motto in bright neon yellow, and everything on the menu is vegan and/or organic.

Vegan Halo Burgers

Quality food for thought

Vegan (Halo) Burgers

I ordered a classic Halo Burger (£9.50), the Quarter Pounder With Cheese ((£9.00), a side of Dont Have a Cow Fries ((£4.50), and a Kola & Lemonade ((£2.50 each). Because what better way to wash down a vegan burger than with organic soda?

For most vegans, the greatest obstacle to graduating from vegetarianism is giving up cheese 😣. Let me reassure you, you can have all the cheese you want at Halo Burger. They absolutely do not skimp on their vegan cheese. Their cheese is based on coconut oil, potato starch, and sea salt (“no strangely-named ingredients”, as they assured me). You cannot miss the oozing cheese in these burgers and fries. It practically overpowers what is supposed to be the main event: Beyond Meat burger patties.

Vegan Halo Burgers


Vegan Halo Burgers

Time to unwrap these!

Beyond Meat

Opened in November 2018, the world’s first bleeding plant-based burger joint aimed to provide a vegan alternative for meat-eaters. This, so they won’t have to feel like they have to compromise their food preferences in order to do good for the planet.

As a non-vegan meat-lover, I can 100% confirm that Halo Burger serves exactly that indulgent yet guilt-free experience. The buns were delicately soft, the lettuce & tomato provided a satisfying crunch, the pickles came out fresh and excited, and the patty truly tasted and felt like meat! And, of course, the cheese. So much cheese 🤤

Vegan Halo Burgers

Cheesy goodness

What’s More

It’s clear Halo Burger pays special attention to detail, particularly to the ingredients. They use Himalayan salt as it’s healthier than table salt, they avoid soy products as it’s better for the environment (their vegan mayo is soya-free), and even their sodas are produced ethically in Sierra Leone. They also offer vegan hot dogs, THIS chicken nuggets (also plant-based), and deep-fried Magnum vegan ice cream, made of coconut milk and cereal.

Vegan Magnum Ice Cream

VEGAN Magnum ice cream

Visit Halo Burger

There’s no doubt Halo Burger is well ahead of its game in delivering a junk food experience sans the climate shame 😇 9/10 would come again!

Halo Burger has two London branches. You’ll find them at Pop Brixton (details below) and in Shoreditch (at 105 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3JD).

Halo Burger

Address: Unit S16 Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8PQ

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Written by Elisa Escapa

Article Date: March 2020

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