Convivium Fulham And The Adventures Of Burrata


I’ve always enjoyed a good tapas experience. A few months ago someone suggested I try this great tapas spot in Soho – and I really didn’t enjoy it at all. Overpriced and way beyond average food – and yet the spot was pumping. Because Soho. Or reputation. Or whatever it is that makes people flock to “cool” spots with average food. I certainly won’t be back. But one place I will definitely visit again is the tapas restaurant I recently discovered in Fulham – Convivium.

This restaurant isn’t pumping – yet. Although it should be. It’s only been open for six months though, so here’s hoping that will change. Convivium is certainly off the beaten track and you’d have to venture out to visit it specifically. But the trip is well worth it. And if you’re in Fulham, it may just become your new favourite spot. Convivium is beautiful. The two (Italian) owners are truly passionate about the restaurant they run, and it shows in everything they do. From the way they speak about the food they create to their hand-crafted Convivium sign (made from the box their fridge was delivered in), this is one restaurant that’s driven by passion. And love.

Kassandra and I started the evening with some prosecco while chatting to Ennio, one of the owners, about the history and goal of the restaurant. And then it was food time. Even though both owners are Italian, they decided to add some Greek and Spanish flair to their restaurant – hence the tapas. But they’re planning on adding some good ol’ Italian staples (like pasta) to the menu as well. Currently, though, the menu is divided into cold and hot tapas – meant as starters and mains – as well as some kebab options.

Convivium sign

The Cold Tapas

For the cold tapas, we went for the Hummus (£5), served with roast pita bread, and the Burrata (£8.50), served with prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, and roast pita bread. Since Kassandra is lactose-intolerant, she stuck to the hummus, which she absolutely loved. I devoured the burrata. Very elegantly, of course. This was without a doubt the absolute best burrata I have ever had. Ever. Literally ever.

And I always have burrata if I see it on the menu. Apparently Convivium doesn’t just use any burrata. No, only the best of the best will do and they have the cheese delivered straight from Italy. If this is the quality available in Italy, I think I need to plan a food trip there. And if you only do one thing I recommend this year, then this burrata will be it. Life-changing.

Convivium pita

Convivium burrata

And The Hot Tapas

The rest of the menu had quite a bit to live up to. That burrata was just too delicious. But a good portion of hot tapas awaited us, so we were in luck. For hot tapas, we had the Patatas Bravas (£5), Chorizo (£6.50), Lamb Cutlets (£8.50), and Grill Calamari (£7.50). And all of it was pretty epic. Kassandra and I both went gaga for the calamari and potatoes, which were divine.

She loved the chorizo. I’ve never liked chorizo, so this portion was all hers. And I loved the lamb cutlets. Ironically, she’s not a fan of lamb, so this portion was all mine. Worked out pretty well I’d say. If I had to choose a favourite of all of these, then it would definitely be the calamari. Marinated in honey, lemon, and paprika, these calamari were perfectly tender – and I’ve only once before had calamari has deliciously soft as this. So definitely a winner.

Dessert … And Limoncello

We were pretty stuffed but were promised the desserts are quite small, so we opted for the Baklava (£6) and the Tiramisu (£6). They lied. The desserts were MASSIVE. We were utterly surprised – in a good way though. And it’s always great to end a meal on a sweet note. Add some limoncello, and it was a perfect conclusion.

Convivium tiramisu

Visit Convivium

All in all, Convivium has everything you’d expect from a great restaurant – especially in an area like Fulham. It’s casual, yet classy, welcoming and loving, and the menu is broad enough so you can easily pick and choose what you wish. The prices are also super reasonable, and I can safely say that 3-4 portions would be enough for two people (depending, of course, on the size and appetite of said people).

And then, of course, there’s that burrata. Melt-in-your-mouth creamy and cheesy goodness that will ruin you forever and set the standard for burrata so high you’ll have to visit Convivium Fulham over and over again to satisfy your cravings. No regrets. Worth every craving.

See below for all the information on Convivium Fulham. And enjoy the burrata! You’re welcome 😉


Address: 199 Munster Road, Fulham, SW6 6BX, London


Call: +(44) 20 7386 8814

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Photos by @delishkass.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2019


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