by CHLOE: The Best Vegan Meal I’ve Ever Had – And Here’s Why

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By CHLOE is a popular US vegan eatery that has now also expanded over to London, with a few branches around. I was lucky enough to visit the One Tower Bridge branch recently. This is situated literally at the foot of Tower Bridge – and was the first restaurant I spotted when entering the riverside area after a leisurely walk across Tower Bridge.

Growing up in Africa

By CHLOE surprised me. Why? Because it’s vegan. And I loved it. I was born and raised in Namibia, the country with literally the best meat in the world. My childhood diet consisted of kudu, springbok, and more, and my system always gets a rather uncomfortable shock when I can’t have that. When I first moved to Cape Town, I had to gradually change my diet to include other types of meat, but I know my soul always yearns for the wildness of venison and I’m overjoyed every time I get to go home.

As a child, it was customary that we’d order half a springbok – and that would be our meat for half a year. And this meat is so good because it’s so wild – the way it should be. I have a tremendous problem with the way the commercial meat industry operates, and I’ve tried to cut down on eating meat, but if it’s in your blood it’s a hard adjustment. The last few months I’ve been lucky enough to have some really good vegan food though, and have been eating more and more veggie-based since I’ve arrived in London – and thus far I’ve been very, very impressed!

by CHLOE cookies

Do you spot the chocolate chip cookies on the left?


Romaine calm and carry on …

Welcome to by CHLOE

But by CHLOE takes vegan deliciousness to a whole new level, serving food that’s both 100% vegan and 100% delicious. I tried three of their more ‘unusual’ dishes on the menu – The Mac n’ Cheese (£4.80 for the small or £6.60 for large), Avocado Pesto Pasta (£4.80 for the small or £7.60 for large), and the Fish n’ Chips (£8.80).

Vegan Pasta Goodness

The Mac n’ Cheese is served with a sweet potato-cashew cheese sauce, shitake bacon, and almond parm. The shitake bacon is supposed to taste like real bacon, but as an avid bacon lover I didn’t think that was quite the case. Nonetheless, the Mac n’ Cheese was delicious – so good I didn’t even notice it wasn’t ‘real’ cheese! That’s the ultimate test, isn’t it? And the Avocado Pesto Pasta? That one is as delicious as it sounds, simple and unique, and served with avocado-cashew pesto, grape tomatoes, and almond parm. (That almond parm is yum, by the way).

by CHLOE pasta

Pasta goodness

Vegan Fish n’ Chips – The Reason I Love This Spot

The Fish n’ Chips, well, if you’ve seen my social media posts on this, then you know this rocked my world. What exactly is a vegan fish? Well, crispy tofu, with a seaweed layer, served with side chips, mushy peas, and tartar sauce. I was astounded by this dish. I’m not a fan of deep-fried goodies, and normally fish and chips wouldn’t be my first choice, but I just had to try this and am so glad I did. Honestly, even better than the real thing! I’d go back for this vegan fish dish any day! Gosh, I’m even dreaming of it now.

I don’t really eat fries (I know, I’m weird like that), so I didn’t try these – but they looked delish. But I did particularly enjoy the mushy peas and tartare sauce. I have yet to discover the secret ingredient of this tartare sauce. It made me particularly happy. And you know what else is cool? Instead of serving regular ketchup, they serve beetroot ketchup!!!! So bizarre, and yet so tasty …

We didn’t stay on for dessert, though by CHLOE has some pretty options – but we did grab a chocolate chip cookie as a takeaway, which proved delicious as a late night snack.

by CHLOE fish and chips

Do you believe it’s vegan? It’s true!

Woof by Chloe: For Your Furry Friend

One extra note: by CHLOE has a doggie menu called ‘Woof by Chloe’. If you bring your furry friend, you can spoil him or her with Pupcakes (£1.95) – house-made organic whole-oat K9 cupcakes – or Bag O’ Dog Bones (£5.00) – house-made organic peanut butter dog bones. I’m obsessed with dogs and love restaurants that offer doggie menus, so this made my day. I’d love to know if your doggie has tried it – and how much he or she loved it!

by CHLOE woof by chloe

Woof by CHLOE: Puppy menus rock my world!

Check Out by CHLOE

All in all, by CHLOE is a sure-fire winner – and I’d be pretty confident in saying that whatever you order is gonna be delicious!

There are numerous branches of by CHLOE in the US and the UK (see their website for all details), but you’ll find the details of the One Tower Bridge branch I visited below, as well as links to the official social media accounts. Also check out One Tower Bridge on Instagram.


Address: One Tower Bridge, 6 Duchess Walk, London

Opening Times: Sunday – Wednesday (10:00 – 22:00), Thursday – Saturday (10:00 – 23:00)


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Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: October 2018


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