The nation-wide lockdowns deprived us of the luxury of going out for dinner and cocktails. So foodies and amateurs alike took to the kitchen to recreate the dining out experience at home.

Some certainly mastered the art of home cooking and cocktail making, whipping up delectable three-course meals and Instagrammable cocktails to the standard of restaurant quality. But, others somewhat struggled.

Desperate to save our kitchens from another train-wreck of an at-home dining experience, we researched into brands that will save so many helpless city-goers like ourselves, whose love for dining out has taken a toll on their abilities in the kitchen.

From killer cocktails to Neapolitan-style pizza, these are the brands that will elevate your at-home dining to restaurant standard.

Britain Loves Baking

With lockdown sparking a nation-wide obsession with baking banana bread, our Instagram feeds have tired from seeing another post of the loaf. And our content is desperate for something a bit more exciting!

For a sure way to spice up your baking skills, try the family-run baking delivery service Britain Loves Baking.

Their selection of impressive treats will be sure to boost your likes – and give you something delicious to feast on.

Sharing their passion for baking, the family of renowned chefs and bakers have carefully curated recipes that will help even the most inexperienced bakers turn pro.

From spiced fruit loaves to rocky road cookies, these recipes will be sure to make you a hit on the ‘gram.

At-home dinner experience in London with Britain Loves Baking

Passo To Go

Since the Shoreditch hotspot launched its nationwide delivery of DIY pizza kits, we have been desperate to get our mitts on the too-good-to-be-true home-made pizzas.

And so – in the name of research – we ordered not one, but two kits from Passo To Go.

And the result was delicious.

There is quite an impressive selection of toppings to choose from! We opted for a vegetable-packed pizza with a selection of mixed roast vegetables and Portobello mushrooms, topped with fresh basil and the timeless classic burrata-based margarita.

The kit includes all of the ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions.

We were able to enjoy Italian-style pizza in the comfort of our own home in just fifteen minutes, changing the way we eat pizza forever.

At-home dining experience in London with Passo To Go

Taste Cocktails

For the discerning cocktail drinkers who haven’t quite mastered the art of cocktail making, Taste Cocktails has you covered.

Delivering bar-standard cocktail kits straight to your door, including ingredients and recipes cards, you no longer have to leave your house for the perfect beverage.

Follow the easy-to-use instructions for a breezy cocktail-making experience. Your cocktail of choice will be ready to enjoy in just five minutes.

And to make life easier, Taste Cocktails gives you one of two options:

  • Invest in a monthly cocktail subscription and try all of the much-loved classics at home, including Espresso Martinis and Manhattans.
  • Or, order a once-off cocktail kit, choosing from the impressive selection of cocktails available.

London at-home cocktails with Taste

And there you have it, the I Love Foodies guide to London’s ultimate at-home dining experience.

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Know of any more must-try brands and food services? Pop us a DM on Instagram – we’d love to hear from you!