Harringtons Cocktail Lounge is probably the evening spot I’ve spent the most time at. It’s chic and classy, has great food, good music, and there’s always a good vibe. And then Covid-19 happened and now my nights are filled with endless re-runs of television series and whatever snack I’ve got lying around. Good times. But now that restrictions are gradually easing, all my favourite foodie spots are kicking back into action. Harringtons, for one, has partnered with its surfer-cool sister spot, Surfa Rosa, to bring you special home deliveries.

While Harringtons is known for its snazzy cocktails and Gatsbian-esque ambience (hello to the relaunch of the Roaring 20s!), Surfa Rosa is the spot you visit in your boyfriend jeans to munch down on a burger while having a laugh with friends.

The two have collaborated for the home deliveries, bringing you the best Harringtons cocktails coupled with delicious Surfa Rosa burgers and pizzas. I’d call it the perfect Cinderella food story.

Welcoming Surfa Rosa Home Deliveries

Given my eternal love affair with Harringtons, I was only too keen to try the combo and see what the joined home delivery service has to offer.

I use the term “home delivery” quite loosely because you can also pick up your order and South African restrictions on restaurant operations and people’s movements are changing all the time.

I, for one, have decided on continuing to self-isolate for as long as I need to, so home delivery is my current review method of choice.

Harringtons Cocktail Lounge Inverroche Cocktails

The Inverroche cocktails come pre-mixed in these beautiful bottles

Baby, It’s Foodie Time

Neapolitan-Style Pizza

The menu focuses on drinks, pizzas, and burgers. I tried the 30cm Salaam-i Pizza (R98) with Bocconcini, Salami, and Roasted Peppers.

The pizza has a Neapolitan-style base, with a thin, inner crust that fluffs out into doughy goodness on the outside. Toppings are basic but the pizza is very cheesy and the dough light and fluffy, making each bite absolutely delicious.

Jack Daniel’s Burger

Then, I also had the Jack Daniel’s Chipotle Cheese Bomb Burger with Loaded Fries (R125). The fries are topped with cheese sauce, bacon bits, and a Jack Daniel’s basting. Together, this is your classic ‘bite-into-oozing-goodness’ combination.

The burger is stuffed with a gooey cheese inside (quite literally, a cheese bomb), and each bite will guarantee a dribbling of cheese, sauce, and goodness running down your hand. It’s messy and glorious.

Both the pizzas and the burgers, from my experience, at least, are hearty and feel-good offers that definitely give you bang for your buck. This is your Surfa Rosa experience all the way.

Surfa Rosa Home Deliveries Salaami Pizza

The Salaami-i pizza

Surfa Rosa Home Deliveries Jack Daniels Burger

Jack Daniel’s Chipotle Cheese Bomb Burger with a side of Loaded Fries

Surfa Rosa Home Deliveries Joke On Pizza Box

My “personalised” joke – I don’t think the Surfa Rosa team knows this but I did one of my graduate theses on vampires!

Surfa Rosa Home Deliveries Spotify Playlist

The pizza box includes a QR code to access the “I Miss Surfa Rosa” Spotify playlist

Inverroche Cocktails

The cocktails, in stark contrast, are true babies of Harringtons Cocktail Lounge. These come pre-mixed into bottles that serve 2 and are available for R110 each. There are two bottled cocktails available, both of which are created with Inverroche Gin.

The first is the Lockdown Elixer, comprised of Inverroche Amber, Cranberry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Citrus. The second is the Apple Of My Eye, comprised of Inverroche Verdant, Pomegranate, Elderflower, and Apple. Both cocktails also come with their respective garnish.

While you can order the bottled cocktails individually, I’d highly recommend the Cocktail Party Box, available for R220, which includes both bottled cocktails as well as 2 Inverroche gin goblets. As said, the actual cocktails are pre-mixed and the assemblage thereof simply requires you to add the garnish. Each cocktail’s garnish is pre-packed in individual bags, making this step super simple.

Both cocktails are on the sweet and fruity side, which I really enjoyed. That said, the Apple Of My Eye is definitely the sweeter of the two, while the Lockdown Elixer has more of a bitter citrus undertone.

Harringtons Cocktail Lounge Inverroche Cocktails With Garnish

Cocktail garnish is included, wrapped separately for each person

Harringtons Cocktail Lounge Inverroche Cocktails

Apple Of My Eye cocktail – isn’t it pretty?

Surfa Rosa TIY: Try It Yourself

Overall, this home delivery experience was wonderful. The team is lovely to deal with, delivery is quick and easy, cocktails and food are yummy, and it’s all-round joy. I also think their prices are pretty fantastic and you’ll definitely have a wonderful time enjoying food and drinks from Surfa Rosa and Harringtons Cocktail Lounge.

So how does the ordering process work? Pretty simple, actually. You can order online at www.harringtonstreet.co.za or via WhatsApp on +27 79 128 52 89.

Delivery is free for orders over R320. For anything below that, the delivery fee is calculated from your distance to the actual restaurants on Harrington Street. It’s R10 for anything within walking distance, R20 within 1.5 km, R30 for anything within 2.5 km, and R35 for everything beyond that. Delivery is available within the City Bowl, Atlantic Seaboard, and Camps Bay.

Surfa Rosa Home Deliveries Feast

The ultimate feast

Recap Of Your Need-To-Knows

Keen to try the Harringtons and Surfa Rosa home deliveries yourself? Here’s a recap of all the important information:

  • You can view the full menu through Dineplan
  • Order online (also through Dineplan) or directly via Whatsapp to +27 79 128 52 89
  • Delivery fees are scaled according to distance from Harrington Street but FREE for orders over R320
  • As per current regulations, alcohol is only available Monday – Thursday (this may change as lockdown regulations change)
  • Also, you’ll get updated info, menus, etc. on the Surfa Rosa Instagram profile 


Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: June 2020

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