There’s a little place in Claremont called The Larder. As a total townie, I’ve only ever seen The Larder on social media, but their logo is bright and pink and their food looked divine, so when I got an invite to try this gorgeous place, I was super excited to go!

From the outside, it looked a little different than expected. I expected a gorgeously well-kept bright and clean open space, but, instead, I was greeted by a little coffee shop that was rustic and felt homey and super comfortable. There was none of that superficial formality in the greetings when we walked in, and people here are guaranteed to be full of smiles and warmth.

So we sat down and ordered coffee, with beans provided by Bean There Coffee, which is only one of my favourite coffee shops in town. As to be expected, this was absolutely divine. And then came the menu. The Larder currently focuses on breakfast and lunch items, but they are extending their business hours and even adding in a few Supper Club nights for that home-cooked dining experience (you can already check out their Monday Supper Club evenings).

The Larder Image 2

Now, Sonja, the mastermind behind The Larder, used to be Johnny Depp’s private chef, and fittingly, Mr Celebrity’s favourite breakfast is on the menu, aptly titled the ‘Johnny Depp’. How could I possibly refuse this? The Johnny Depp consists of toast, poached eggs, roast tomatoes, Hollandaise sauce, and extra crispy bacon. Poached eggs aren’t my favourite and Hollandaise sauce I’m never sure about but, hey, this is the Johnny Depp and I had to have it. And my-oh-my am I glad I did! This breakfast was absolutely perfect. The poached eggs and the sauce and the toast … all of it was just perfectly yummy. And that bacon! I’m a crispy bacon girl. The crispier, the better. And The Larder definitely knows what it’s doing!!!

The Larder Image 3

My sister had the chorizo omelette, which was equally divine and she absolutely loved it. I tried a bite and it was delicious, but not quite as satisfying as my bacon dish, so I can’t tell you more about that. Though if my sister says an omelette is good, I’ll take her word for it.

The Larder Image 4

The Larder is also well-known for its cinnamon buns. They didn’t have any in store at the time, but I couldn’t leave without a little sweet deliciousness, so I tried their Plum and Macadamia Frangipane. This is basically a super moist sponge cake crammed with deliciousness. It was a little sweet, which I was warned about, but it came served with a side of plain yoghurt. It sounds kind of weird, but the tang of the yoghurt complements the sweetness of the cake perfectly, and eating the two together was absolutely divine.

The Larder Image 5

So, that’s the Larder. And it’s AWESOME. If you wanna check them out and have some Johnny Depp for breakfast, you can find them at 8 Grove Avenue in Claremont, as well as at 99 Main Road in Diep River. Also feel free to check out their website to get all the information you may need!

We’ll be back soon with more foodie adventures!

Written by Benike Palfi

Review Date: May 2016