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There are few things in life as satisfying as a juicy burger. You know, that bite-into-the-centre-oozy-juicy-kinda goodness that comes from a patty that’s really well done with maximum flavour. One of the best spots for that kinda burger in London turns out to be Foxden, a rather new face in the word of establishments in Fulham.

Foxden hasn’t had much luck on its side. With Covid-related opening delays, multiple lockdowns, and a brand new business concept, this baby burger business has had to fight twice as hard to be able to survive.

But, luckily, they happen to make pretty fantastic burgers and have established a loyal customer base that’s kept them going strong.

We’re here to share the news and help them grow from strength to strength!

Foxden shade net

Casual and inviting …

Foxden interior decoration

One side of the restaurant features artworks

Welcome To Foxden

At first, this spot isn’t really much to look at.

From a distance, all you’ll see is a blue shade cover with the name FOXDEN (read: fox-den, as in the den of a fox) quite pronounced, a handful of outside tables, and a narrow interior that stretches down into semi-darkness.

But once you step inside, it’s quite different. Proprietor Paul is likely to greet you with a warm smile and the passion you’ll only find in someone truly in love with what they do.

And that’s what you’ll taste in every item on the menu as well – love epitomised in food.

Foxden Fulham restaurant menu

The main focus of the menu is burgers

Foxden cocktail bar

The cocktail bar is well-equipped to whip up all the basics

The Foxden Menu & Prices

You don’t need much to create a great menu. But what you do need is fantastic ingredients, and Foxden’s “field to fork” ethos that showcases the best of British produce pretty much guarantees this.

The menu has actually expanded a fair bit in the last few months, giving you a little bit of everything.

While the prime focus is meat, Foxden is very accommodating to vegans and vegetarians.

There are veggie options on the burger front, and Foxden offers vegan alternatives for most things on the menu.

While I’m not vegan, my friend Kassandra, who joined me for the review, doesn’t eat diary and Foxden was ready to accommodate her each and every wish – from vegan cheese to dairy-free burger buns!

Food looking into the interior of Foxden

The inside of the restaurant is cosy

There are a few tidbits that are worth exploring, like insanely delicious sides that come in portions large enough to feed an army of ten, a made-with-love cocktail menu, loaded fries that are very loaded, and the new “Foxbox” items, where you can choose your protein, side, and sauce for a delicious DIY meal that’s perfect for grab-and-go lunches or casual sit-downs.

But at the heart of the menu, of course, are dry-aged grass-fed British beef burgers – and a few new options that are worth drooling over!

Price-wise, you’re looking at an average of £12 a burger and Foxboxes and £6 for sides.

Some of the items may seem quite expensive when you’re first studying the menu – but the portion sizes will quite literally blow you away!!!

So let’s get to the good part, the I Love Foodies review!

The I Love Foodies Foxden Review

In true I Love Foodies style, we wanted to try a bit of everything to give you the best feedback.


On the cocktail side, Kass and I had an Aperol Spritz (£8) and the Sex in THE DEN (£9), the Foxden take on the Sex on the Beach classic with vodka, sloe gin, cranberry juice, lime juice, and orange bitters.

Cocktails are served in blue Foxden mugs that are cool & casual. Don’t come here if you’re looking for the most beautiful cocktails that taste okay and cost a fortune. Foxden is all about that simple life with lots of taste & flavour over things that just look pretty.

Foxden cocktails

Cocktails – Aperol Spritz & Sex in the Den

Our Food Orders

The food is pretty much the same. No dish is served with a WOW factor when you just look at it – but it comes with a WOW explosion once you taste it! I don’t know about you, but that’s what I’m looking for in good food – especially if I’m going for something as hearty as a burger!!!!

On the food side, we tried the following:

  • FOXBOX with grilled bavette steak, rosti bites, and chimichurri (£13)
  • Duck Yeah Burger with a crispy coated Asian-spiced confit duck patty, rocket, and chilli jam (£15; we ordered this one on a dairy-free bun)
  • The Foxden Burger with a dry-aged grass-fed British beef patty, pulled beef, truffle cheese sauce, rocket, and caramelised onions (£15)
  • Pulled Beef Nuggets (£7)
  • Crispy Lamb Bites (£7)
  • Loaded fries with caramelised onion, cheese & bacon (£3.20; we ordered this with vegan cheese)

I’ve mentioned before that portion sizes are big – and they really are! There’s no way you’re walking out of this spot hungry.

But the problem is that with everything looking so good, you’ll want to order it all! Don’t despair; you can always take leftovers home.

Foxden spread of food with burgers, fries, and more

Portion sizes are massive!!!

The sides

My favourite dish? Impossible to tell.

I’m not a big fries eater so I only stole a bite of this, but Kass was in fry heaven and literally devoured the whole portion of loaded fries (in an elegant, classy way, of course). She swore it was one of the best loaded fries she’s had, with tons of toppings and no skimping on any ingredient.

I focused on the crispy lamb bites and pulled beef nuggets, both of which were delicious.

The crispy lamb bites are best described as boneless ribs with a good amount of crunch. If you’re generally a fan of lamb ribs, like I am, you’ll love this dish.

The pulled beef nuggets are also amazing and everything you’d expect them to be – cheesy, beefy balls of goodness that will leave you wanting more.

Loaded fries with vegan cheese, bacon, and caramalised onions

We ordered the caramelised onion & bacon loaded fries with vegan cheese

Crispy lamb bites

The crispy lamb bites taste like deliciously crunchy boneless ribs

The Foxbox

And the FOXBOX was also great – massive portion with really tender meat.

The highlight for me was the rosti bites – crispy, fried potato bits that are so, so yummy, they literally had me telling all my friends about ’em!

I’d go back and just order this!

Luckily, rosti bites are available as a standard side for £4. I’ll take two portions of that any day!!!

Foxbox with steak and rosti bites

The Foxbox is great – but the rosti bites are the real winner

The Burgers

But the stars of the show, of course, are the burgers. OMG. I was expecting them to look a little bigger or prettier or more gourmet – but it turns out Foxden doesn’t waste time on such pettiness.

These burgers were insane!

The Foxden is the classic, of course, and it’ll definitely hit the spot if you’re craving the burger that’s just everything you need. I’d go back for this in a heartbeat.

Foxden classic burger

The Foxden burger is the classic

Foxden burger with pulled beef

How delicious does this Foxden burger look?

But the Duck Yeah … that name is no misnomer! We ordered this one on the dairy-free bun so Kassandra could enjoy it – so I only took a quarter of the burger to taste. But if I didn’t love my good friend that much, I probably would have wrestled her for it.

This is without doubt one of the best burgers I’ve had in my life. I eat a lot of burgers.

Every. bite. was. heaven.

Foxden Duck Yeah burger

The Duck Yeah burger is less to look at – but insanely delicious!!!!

Foxden: The Final Verdict

Would I visit Foxden again?

Duck Yeah!

This spot is fantastic – small with a lot of oomph, kindness, love, and bucketloads of flavour.

Visit them to satisfy your next burger craving – you won’t be disappointed.

I Love Foodies food blogger

Catching the foodies at work …

Foxden Contact Details

You’ll get all of the deets below.


Address: 24 Jerdan Place, SW6 1BH, London

Opening Times: Mondays – Saturdays (12:00 – 21:00), Sundays (12:00 – 20:00)




Call: +44 20 7381 4888


Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: September 2021

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