I’m not a big shopper and usually look for the best deals available when I do splurge. So, naturally, I’m a fan of discount sites likes For Real Deals.

I think we’ve all learnt to be a little cautious when approaching discount sites. We are in South Africa, after all, and we’ve all heard enough horror stories.

So I had actually kept my eye on the For Real Deals website for quite a while before having the opportunity to try them out.

So, first, what is For Real Deals?

Introducing The For Real Deals Website

In a nutshell, For Real Deals offers users real deals on a ton of products that aren’t readily available in South Africa.

They have so much on offer, from fashion and accessories, computer hardware and electronics, health and beauty, sports, pet, and hobby need-to-haves, and home and living goodies.

The website can be a little overwhelming because there’s so much on offer, but it’s actually pretty easy to navigate and everything’s super well organised, making shopping a breeze.

For real deals categories page

So many options …

How Does It Work?

Well, since none of us are novices when it comes to online purchases, you won’t have trouble with the For Real Deals website.

  • Browse according to categories or special gift items.
  • Add items to your shopping cart.
  • Hit checkout and add your details.
  • Pay and receive.

Delivery generally takes 2 – 3 days for main hubs, or up to 5 days for more outlying areas.

If you’re not happy with your product, you can also return it within 30 days – as long as the product is unused and still in the original packaging.

Some exemptions do apply, though, so check the refund policy page for details.

What Did We Order?

Since this is I Love Foodies, we spent our time browsing through the Kitchen, Dining, and Bar category pages.

For real deals kitchen dining and bar page

The Kitchen, Dining & Bar pages offer tons of great items

Here, you’ll literally find a world of kitchen goodies from absolute must-haves to cuties that make great gifts, like this freakin’ cute Small Doggy Paws cookie cutter set for R39 or this insanely gorgeous iridescent 24 pc cutlery set for R629.

The problem with pages like For Real Deals is that there’s so much cool stuff on offer that it’s almost impossible not to want everything!!!

If I had an unlimited budget – and unlimited kitchen space – I would have spent a ton more to get some of the cool gadgets and accessories.

for real deals kitchen scale

How gorgeous is this kitchen scale?

Side note: As someone who frequently does food photoshoots, I couldn’t help but notice all the amazing goodies that would have made great accessories for my next styled shoot. But, I pushed my deep desire for gold-plated cutlery aside and opted for things I actually needed.

So we got:

  • Reusable zip-lock bag (R45): I love the convenience of zip-lock bags but hate that often they can’t be reused. This is the perfect solution. Various sizes are available.
  • Food scale (R129): I’ve never had a fantastic kitchen scale, and this one is as storage-friendly as it is sleek and elegant.
  • Defrost tray (R179): I love people who pre-plan their meals and let things defrost overnight. But I’m not one of those people, and always decide on my dinner plans last-minute. This defrost tray promises to defrost food quickly – and safely. Various sizes are available.

Our order arrived within a few days, delivered straight to my front door, pain-and hassle-free, and perfectly packaged (without all that wasted packaging material I’ve become used to).

for real deals defrost tray

The defrost tray is a lot lighter than you’d have thought

And have I been happy with my products?


Life is a breeze with the right accessories!

 So Why Should You Try For Real Deals?

If you enjoy shopping for absolutely gorgeous items, then For Real Deals is for you.

But, even more so, this is the perfect platform to get a few gifts for friends or family members – for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions.

Since many of these items aren’t readily available in South Africa, you’ll get to put together some gift ideas that are truly unique.

And you can rest assured that they’ll arrive safe and sound, as promised.

For real deals zip-lock bag

Obsessed with the re-usable zip-lock bag

Shop For Real Deals: Contact Details

Grab all the need-to-knows on For Real Deals below.

For Real Deals

Website: https://forrealdeals.co.za

E-mail: info@forrealdeal.co.za

Call: +27 21 202 4619

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Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: March 2022

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