It seems that my life this year is distinctly marked by Indian dining. Earlier this year, I spent most of my evenings at a 24-hour Indian “cafeteria” in Cape Town for the best (and cheapest) Butter Chicken in the world. Then, upon my return to London, my first I Love Foodies experience was at the wonderful Grand Trunk Road. And then I travelled up to Edinburgh and found myself at the Mumbai Diners’ Club, enjoying “authentic with a twist” Indian cuisine, as part of a Two-For-One Entertainer App deal.

Mumbai Diners’ Club is pretty cool. It’s a sleek and beautiful interior with slightly blue lighting, which you don’t really notice while dining but is pretty clear if you take photos. Just see below. It would be quite ‘normal’ with its white table cloths and perfect plate settings but what I loved about this space are the mirrors and the little motivational Gandhi quotes that decorate the walls. I’m big into the zen side of life lately, and this really resonated with me.

The Menu

Food-wise, the menu at Mumbai Diners’ Club is slightly overwhelming. There is so much choice!!! I completely gave up control and let the restaurant make decisions for me. Wise choice. There were three of us at dinner – my friend Elizabeth, who had joined me for many review experiences in Cape Town before, and Diane, from the Entertainer App Scotland, who introduced us to Mumbai Diners’ Club.

Mumbai Diners' Club menu

The Mumbai Diners’ Club Menu is like a book!

The Most Delicious Starters

First thing’s first: Starters. Elizabeth is vegetarian, and opted for the Tandoori Mushrooms (£4.95), marinated with ginger, medium hot spices, a hint of honey, and stuffed with paneer. Diane had the Monkfish Tikka (£8.95) – North Sea monkfish marinated with yoghurt and fresh green herbs, grilled in tandoor. I chose the Scallops & Mussels (£7.95) – Shetland scallops and mussels tossed and served with aromatic fresh coconut and curry leaf sauce.

May be biased here, but I definitely think my Scallops and Mussels dish was the winner. I tried little bites from everyone else (sharing is caring) and everything was good. But the coconut and curry leaf sauce was delectable and added such beautiful flavours to the dish. Impressively, it also didn’t overwhelm the delicate scallop flavour, and everything was expertly brought together.

Mumbai Diners' Club monkfish tikka

Monkfish Tikka

tandoori mushrooms

Tandoori Mushrooms

Mumbai Diners' Club scallops

Scallops and mussels

The Tough Choice of Mains

Starters were a tough choice but mains were even harder. There was a constant to and fro. Eventually, Elizabeth went for two smaller vegetarian dishes, the Tarka Dal (£8.50) – yellow lentils tempered with garlic and fresh coriander – and the Bhindi Masala (£9.25) – fresh okra in a rich onion and tomato masala. Diane and I struggled with our choices the most and got stuck on numerous possibilities from the menu’s Signature Dishes. Prawns? Lobster? Duck? Lamb? What would it be?

After much to and fro, Diane went for the Lamb Chops (£17.95) – Scottish lamb chops marinated in ginger, garlic and honey, grilled and served succulent and well-spiced. I really couldn’t decide, so went with the restaurant recommendation of the Whole Tawa Lobster (£35.95) – Scottish lobster served in a rich vine tomato and nut-based sauce with a gentle hint of honey. We also all shared a side portion of Garlic Naan (£2.95).

I tried a bit of everyone else’s dishes but mostly stuck to my lobster and the Garlic Naan, which were both divine. Diane, funnily enough, wasn’t a big fan of lamb chops but absolutely loved the ones at Mumbai Diners’ Club. This pretty much mirrored the situation at Grand Trank Road with Kassandra, so I definitely had a hearty giggle at that.

Mumbai Diners' Club dinner

The feast …

Mumbai Diners' Club tawa lobster

The glorious Tawa Lobster

Indian lamb chops mumbai diners' club

Crunchy lamb chops

indian dal


The Best of Mumbai Diners’ Club

Everything about this evening was exceptional. Unfortunately, the pastry chef was ill the day we went and there were no desserts available. We certainly would have smashed one of those. Though, to be honest, I was ridiculously full by the time we finished mains. Must have been all that delicious naan I devoured.

Even though the food was fantastic, I also need to highly commend the service, which was exceptional. I watched all the tables for a bit and every single table got the same exceptional service – warm smiles, laughs, lots of recommendations, and an all-round family feel.

It’s great service that really makes a restaurant stand out, and even if I didn’t like the food as much – or the restaurant wasn’t on the Entertainer App (which always influences my decision of where I go) – I would still go back for a taste of the splendid hospitality. Luckily the other two factors were in place too, so my next trip to Edinburgh will definitely include a visit to Mumbai Diners’ Club.

Fancy Some Indian Food?

If you’re a fan of Indian food and looking for a great experience and ever find yourself up in Edinburgh, then Mumbai Diners’ Club is the spot you want to visit. Be sure to book ahead though! For all information on Mumbai Diners’ Club, see below.

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Mumbai Diner’s Club

Address: 3 Atholl Pl, EH3 8HP, Edinburgh




Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: September 2019


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