As restaurants and bars largely remain shut, we are turning to the comfort of good quality food, drink, and entertainment that can be enjoyed at home. From bar-quality cocktails to fresh Italian food, these are the must-try brands for the ultimate UK lockdown food night in.

Vorrei: Delivering Quality Italian Food

Nothing beats a perfectly paired pasta and sauce dish. Unless, of course, that perfectly paired dish is delivered to your door already made by authentic Italian deli, Vorrei.

True to traditional Italian style, each artisanal pasta kit includes fresh pasta accompanied by a complementary home-made sauce. Choose from Vorrei’s selection of much-loved dishes, from penne all’Arrabbiata to our personal favourite – fettuccine and porcini mushroom pasta – for a true taste of Italy.

Each kit provides everything you need for an authentic Italian dinner, including fresh pasta, delicious sauce, and even a handy wooden spoon to stir!

UK Lockdown Food Vorrei Pasta Kit

How perfect is this pasta kit?

Taste Cocktails: Presenting The Perfect Cocktail

With every discerning cocktail drinker missing the London bar scene – and with home-made cocktails never quite being able to live up to the real thing – we have all turned to cocktail kits to save us from this rut.

One cocktail kit that has particularly stood out in delivering professional, presentable, and delicious cocktails is Taste. Providing everything you need for bar-quality cocktails, each kit includes all the ingredients and recipes for the perfect drink. And you don’t even have to leave the house!

With all the favourite cocktails available, from Espresso Martinis to Manhattans, there truly is something for everyone. Available as a monthly subscription or individual kit.

UK Lockdown Food Taste Cocktails

Make the perfect cocktails with Taste

Just Miniatures: Because The Best Things Come In Small Packages 

Miniature-sized alcohol is a great way to measure your alcohol intake and restrict you to a two-drink maximum, which, we’ve learnt from cracking open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at dinner, isn’t always easy to do during the lockdown.

Boasting over 5,000 brands, including all the much-loved industry classics, Just Miniature – the UK’s largest miniature alcohol store – provides all you need for the perfect night in, contained to a sensible measure.

For those looking to pad out their home bar, we recommend the Club Classics. This includes the three essential liquors every home bar needs: An Absolut Plain Vodka 5cl miniature, a 5cl Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey miniature, and a 4cl Jagermeister miniature.

UK Lockdown Food Just Miniatures

There’s nothing better than cute miniatures

Baked In: A Fool-proof Recipe For Happiness

A great (and delicious!) way to cure boredom during lockdown is baking. It gives you something to focus your energy on. And the end result often creates a sense of pride in your creation. And something tasty to eat! To keep things creative – and mix it up from the usual banana bread – Baked In is a great way to take your baking to the next level.

With a mouth-watering selection of treats to choose from, including iced cinnamon buns and double chocolate brownies, you’ll be spoilt for choice. But the real show-stopper in our eyes is the iconic rainbow cake. Bursting with colour and flavour, this impressive four-tier cake is sandwiched together using vanilla buttercream. And completed with rainbow-coloured sprinkles, this is the ultimate sweet treat. Each kit includes all the ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions to create a true masterpiece.   

Sign up to Baked In’s monthly baking club for an array of delicious recipe kits to brighten up your month!

UK Lockdown Food Baked In Rainbow Cake Baking Kit

Baked In provides lockdown happiness

The Lakes Distillery: Introducing Your New Favourite Gin

Finding the perfect gin isn’t always easy, especially with the vast selection out there as it continues to reign as the nation’s favourite spirit. So, to make things easier for you, we made it our mission to find the best gin of all the many gins out there – and, *drum roll*, the crown goes to The Lakes Distillery’s latest venture, Pink Grapefruit Gin.

Renowned for their exceptional selection of gin, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on The Lakes Distillery’s latest launch. Bursting with flavour, the Pink Grapefruit Gin blends classic dry gin with resounding pink grapefruit notes for a truly delightful citrus taste. Distilled in Britain’s breathtaking mountainous region, the Lake District, each refreshing sip transports your taste buds to the tumbling mountains and deep lakes of the drink’s origin. 

The Lakes Distillery Pink Grapefruit Gin

How gorgeous is this bottle of pink grapefruit gin?

Mollie & Fred: A Sure Way To Keep Spirits High   

During these uncertain times, a light distraction is welcomed. And what better way to keep spirits high than a bit of organised fun?

For those with a competitive streak – and a love of prosecco – Prosecco Pong is a sure way to lift the mood. Take your turn to throw the ping pong ball into your opponent’s cups until one of the teams runs out of cups full of prosecco, crowning them the loser. Although, filled with bubbly, there’s no real loser in this game.

In order to avoid the risk of shattered glass, we would recommend saving the tableware and purchasing a Prosecco Pong kit from Mollie and Fred, who boast the most glamourous set on the market with its gold-rimmed pink plastic cups and matching pink ping-pong balls.

Mollie & Fred Prosecco Pong

Move over beer pong, it’s time for prosecco pong!!!!

Seedlip: Providing Great Taste Without The Hangover

For those looking to reduce their alcohol intake during the lockdown, or have already managed to cut the cocktails, Seedlip is the drink for you. Catering to non-drinkers with its impressive selection of non-alcoholic spirits, Seedlip offers an alternative to alcohol that is just as good as the real thing. Minus the hangover.

Boasting zero calories, no sugar, and no artificial flavours, Seedlip is the ultimate guilt-free drink. For the perfect non-alcoholic tipple, we recommend Seedlips’ Grove 42. Merging a fusion of oranges with lemongrass, ginger, and lemon for a refreshing blend, Grove 42 is the ideal spring drink.     

UK Lockdown Food Seedlip

Non-alcoholic spirits are all the rage

Æcorn: Introducing A Guilt-free Aperitivo

Another important brand to know for non-drinkers is Seedlip’s sister brand, Æcorn.

Like its sister brand, Æcorn prioritises strength of flavour over strength of alcohol to create the perfect alternative to booze.

Introducing Æcorn Bitter, Æcorn presents the ultimate non-alcoholic tipple for aperitivo hour. Bursting with flavour, Æcorn Bitter contains grapefruit, bay leaf and orange with notes of quassia, honeycomb, and oak for a bitter yet citrusy taste.

UK Lockdown Food Æcorn

Æcorn provides non-alcoholic drinks

These are some of our top choices of brands that make for the perfect UK lockdown food night in. Add some marshmallows to the mix, and life in lockdown can be pretty awesome, all things considering.

Article Date: May 2020


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