Zandvliet Tasting Room Launch: Presenting the Kalkveld Lounge

Zandvliet Wine

“Life does not get better by chance,
it gets better by change”.

And that’s exactly what the new owners of Zandvliet Wine Estate did with the launch of the estate’s new wine tasting facility, the “Kalkveld Lounge”, a recent (and very fun!) event I was fortunate to attend.

With a little trepidation to the longer-than-average journey, I boarded the shuttle to Ashton. I had paid a visit to the estate a year or two ago and, being a Shiraz-fanatic, had loved their wines. I was looking forward to seeing what the Zandvliet team had cooked up for us!

Zandvliet Estate

Zandvliet Gin

After a refreshing ClemenGold drink and warm welcome by the winemaker, Jacques Cilliers, we were lead to the new tasting room facility – the Kalkveld Lounge. What an incredible place! Elegantly crafted, the space was designed to make you feel like you are sitting inside a wine barrel, panelled oak ceiling and all! Amongst the many beautiful elements though, the one to stand out was the 8-meter-long chandelier! Hand-made from recycled glass bottles, it took a team of twelve men roughly six weeks to complete! And weighing in at just over 300kg, the sight of so much glass is quite spectacular!

Zandvliet Tasting

Next up was the wine tasting and pairing. We had the opportunity to sample four different wines with paired treats. My favourite by far was the Chardonnay, lightly wooded and paired with a sweet and tangy clementine marmalade, and the 2014 Kalkveld Shiraz, which was paired with a clementine-infused dark chocolate. The Shiraz had a wonderfully smooth palate and was drinking really nicely.

Zandvliet Pairing

After the tasting, we were left to enjoy the tasting room and surroundings with lovely cheese and charcuterie platters being brought in to snack on. One thing to note, too, is that Zandvliet has a wonderful selection of goodies to buy, from the clementine marmalade, panforte- and clementine-infused dark chocolate, to clementine-infused gin, specially crafted for the estate by Cape Town’s own Hope on Hopkins.

Zandvliet Platters

Breathing new life into the brand, the owners succeeded in creating a unique and fun tasting experience which celebrates the Estate’s (new) culture of innovation and inspiration. And they are an inspired bunch of people. From the moment we got there, the general feeling of ‘expectation’ was palpable, as was their passion and commitment to the farm and the new chapter in its story.

I’ll finish off with a short quote by one of the Zandvliet team members. Though I can’t remember who said it, it had stuck.

“This is the cherry, and the cake is still coming”.

I am so looking forward to what the future holds for this estate!

Written by Marieke Du Plooy

Article Date: January 2017