When Harringtons first opened and I Love Foodies was invited, Benike’s review said ‘I’ll be hanging out here a lot’. And she was so right! We have returned to Harringtons a gazillion times, both to review and just cause we love it. We love the opulent elegance, the classy feel, great food, perfect cocktails, and the fact that you can have a chilled eve with dinner and drinks and then dance into the early hours of the morning. Oh, and on my unofficial list of best margaritas in town, Harringtons is one of the few places that gets a five-star rating. Whoohoo.

Apart from the amazing margaritas, divine food, and the best arancini balls in the world, one of the things I absolutely love about Harringtons is that they are never stagnant. There is always something new and different happening, from the fantastic daily half-price tapas and cocktails to Thursday’s East City Live and Glitter Fridays. Another one of these is Wine Wednesday.

Pinotage Month

October is Pinotage month, so Harringtons partnered up with Beyerskloof to celebrate this every Wednesday in October. In a nutshell, R170 gets you a welcome drink, the full Beyerskloof tasting, and a glass of your favourite to enjoy with your choice of large plate meal and petit four dessert plate. Sounds pretty good to me. So, on the first Wednesday of the month, I grabbed my friend Ray and off to Harringtons we went.

Hello Harringtons

Our welcome drink came in the form of the Beyerskloof Pinotage Dry Rosé 2019. I’m always on the search for an easy-drinking affordable rosé. This is definitely one to add to the list. Now, Ray has never had the Harringtons mushroom arancini balls before (gasp), and as I said, they are the best in the world. So they just had to be ordered (R50). He agrees! We also ordered some steak tacos with chipotle-lime and pica de gallo (R75). Well, when I say we, I mean he cause I cannot handle spicy things to save my life. I tried some of the tacos, and, yes, I still cannot handle them. They are super yum, but order with caution.

The Tastings

The wine tastings continued with the Beyerskloof Chenin Blanc Pinotage 2019. Also easy-drinking and good, with a slight blush colour and perfect for those summer months. Next up we tried the Beyerskloof Pinotage 2018. Just a little side note: I love that Pinotage is a South African varietal! It’s a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut dating back to 1925! And I just love celebrating us, so yay South Africa, yay Pinotage, and yay that we make kick-ass wines!

There was one more tasting to be had before we decided which of the wines we would enjoy with dinner. The Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend 2016 is just the perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, and Merlot and one of my go-to wines in everyday life. Ray agreed that it was goodie. So that became our dinner wine.

Dinner is Served

As for dinner, Ray chose the slow-braised pork belly on a herb smoky mash. It’s one of my favourite options, except for one thing. My inner German (and turns out Ray’s inner-German) needs pork belly skin to be crunchy and this one isn’t. Other than that, it is a delicious, flavourful dish and well worth ordering.

I decided to have the 225g chargrilled ribeye steak with grilled vegetables and chilli-lime coriander butter. There are two types of people in this world, those who love coriander and those don’t. I’m in the latter group and usually will avoid anything mentioning coriander. But I really wanted steak so I decided to be brave. Turns out the ribeye was so good, I didn’t even notice the coriander. Yay for good dinner choices!


Wine Wednesday includes a petit four desert. It’s made up of Harringtons’ dense chocolate brownies and cheesecake. Not big on desserts (yes, yes, people like us exist), we just had a bite of each, but it was good and is the perfect way to end a pretty perfect evening.

Check Out Harringtons Wine Wednesday

A huge thank you to Harrington’s for always having something to experience, to Dylan for arranging the night, and to Beyerskloof for your fantastic Pinotage selection.

Wine Wednesday take place weekly at Harringtons. R170 gets you a welcome drink on arrival, the full Beyerskloof wine tasting and a glass of your choice from the range, a meal of your choice from the large plates menu, and a petit four dessert plate. If you don’t want to do the dinner option, R50 gets you the full tasting instead.


Written by Sabine Palfi
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Article Date: October 2019


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