Exploring Tatoes with Wesgrow Potatoes

Wesgrow Potatoes

Potatoes! Loads and loads of potatoes! Think mash, think fries, think crispies … Where would we be without potatoes? I Love Foodies recently received a gift from Wesgrow Potatoes, and it was none other than a huge box of potatoes from their speciality potatoes range!

Wesgrow is a farmer-owned company, situated in the Western Free State. With a group of 14 farmers, they produce in excess of 6000ha of potatoes. That’s a whole lotta potatoes!

Now, let’s get down to explaining what exactly was in the box.

Simply Smooth Potatoes

These are ideal for salads, steaming, or boiling. I used these to make some mashed potatoes. They cooked much quicker and, sure enough, as the packet says, they were definitely smooth.

Purpose Specific Range

This is a mixture of three different potatoes: The radiant red potato, the fabulous fluffy potato, and the simply smooth potato. I have never seen or eaten a red potato before, so I was most excited to try this one. I popped it into the microwave, let it spin there on high heat for about three minutes, sprinkled it with salt, and it was good to go. Though it (almost) tasted like any other potato, it did have a slightly distinct taste – like it had been seasoned with some beautiful spices – which made it really good.

Wesgrow Potatoes packets

The Terrific Trio

This is a bunch of mixed potatoes, including traditional, radiant red, and the purple potato.

Get Your Potatoes

Disclaimer: As much as I love eating, I am not the best cook. So unfortunately I didn’t produce any fantastic dishes with the potatoes. But I did enjoy eating them all!!!! Definitely seems like Wesgrow is a lovely range, perfect for those who love the kitchen and who have the special skill and love for cooking. And the different colours are a sure way to make any dish pop!

For more information on Wesgrow Potatoes, visit their official Facebook page here.

Written by Mary-Anne Gontsana

Article Date: September 2018


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