A little while ago I was catapulted into the 2017 Christmas season with the Pick n Pay Christmas launch. But I wasn’t quite ready – the year can’t really be over yet, can it? – so I thought I’d hold off on sharing the news until a time that seemed a little more decent. Which is now.

I celebrate Christmas according to the standard European / German tradition, and our celebrations begin four Sundays before Christmas (we celebrate on the 24th). That’s this weekend. And obviously I’ll never forget because the St Martini Church has their German Christmas Market on the Saturday before the 1st Advent, which is always a must-do on my calendar every year.

So since all of that Christmas excitement is going down this weekend, I’m ready to launch into the Christmas season now – as you’ll see by a few posts on Christmas goodies coming up this week, as well as the changing of the I Love Foodies logo for the festive season.

Christmas, for me, is not about religion. And it’s not about consumerism either. It’s about love and spreading the joy and doing good things for the world – and, perhaps most important of all, it’s about family.

2017 Christmas Season tree

The tree

2017 Christmas Season setting

The perfect Christmas setting

2017 Christmas Season marshmallows

See that on the left? It’s a marshmallow cake stack!

2017 Christmas Season cake

Delicious Christmas cake

My family has always been super close and we go wild with celebrations every year. We cook together, we bake together, we play games together (though I still have to coerce my dad to join me for Christmas chess every year) … It’s all about that close-knit family unit.

And that’s exactly the feel I got from the Pick n Pay 2017 Christmas season launch. It wasn’t about selling products or mass marketing or any of the superficial mumbo jumbo. It was all about a festive celebration. And as a bonus, of course, I got to enjoy some of the Pick n Pay food that they’ve launched for the Christmas season this year. You’ll find all of them in store  – from gorgeous gammon to imported German gingerbread to amazing Christmas tarts and giant marshmallows. I won’t dwell too much on the products. Instead, let the pictures do the talking and guide you into the festive season with a gorgeous celebratory bang.

Here’s to love, light, and happiness for the 2017 Christmas Season!

2017 Christmas Season Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay Christmas launch

2017 Christmas Season launch

The look and feel of the Pick n Pay Christmas launch

2017 Christmas Season presents

Present. Part of what Christmas is about.

2017 Christmas Season Goodies

Simple goodies … cheeses, hummus, breads ….

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: November 2017