Introducing The Village Idiot Oskar’s Cantina Tequila Bar

¿Dónde es la fiesta – ‘Where’s the party at?’

Since their arrival on Loop Street in 2015, The Village Idiot, or ‘Village’, as they are affectionately referred to by the locals, has become the fiesta-epicentre in the Mother City. Nearly five years later, with a reputation for hosting epic events, Village has further upped their game. So, put on your garland, don your favourite straw hat, and channel your inner Sofía Vergara – because Oskar’s Cantina Tequila Bar is now open at The Village Idiot.

The launch night started off with a Classic Frozen Altos Margarita – the only way to start a Tex-Mex Fiesta, if you ask me! The cocktail welcome drink was followed with some traditional corn nacho chips, lime zest guacamole, coriander and spring onion cream cheese and crumbed mopane worms – adding a touch of South Africa into the mix. Chilli, chilli, chilli. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the chilli that accompanied this classic Tex-Mex dish? It was otherworldly! Seriously. Where can I buy it in bulk?

village idiot oskar's cantina

Cue the Tacos!

Traditional semi-hard blue corn tacos filled with beef mince, cheddar cheese and greens followed, as well as a vegetarian option with a brown lentil ‘mince’ substitute. But I wish I had reserved some of that gorgeous chilli sauce for my tacos. That would have been next level!

Bottoms Up!

End off the sensational snacking with an Altos Reposado Shot and you’re well on your way to another legendary night at Village! If the launch event is anything to go by, Oskar’s Cantina Tequila Bar is bound to promise you many epic nights, great tequila, and gorgeous TexMex goodies!

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The Village Idiot

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All images courtesy of Laura McCullagh and The Village Idiot.

Written by Claire Williams
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Article Date: November 2019


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