Taking On The Vibrant Health Cleanse

Vibrant Health Cleanse

Cleanses. Some of you might go urgh … some of you might go yay! I tend to waver between the two, but think I’m leaning more towards the yay side. I did an amazing juice cleanse with One Juice at the beginning of last year (which rocked my world), and recently explored the world of Vibrant Health – which I want to be exploring more of soon!

So, I was supposed to the Vibrant Health Cleanse in May … but I lasted a day coz I was so cold I thought I would literally fall over and break apart like an icicle. Literally. So I very quickly learnt that doing a cleanse like that during winter is a terrible idea, and held on to my stash of Vibrant Health Cleanse so I could do the cleanse at the start of summer … which is obviously a much better idea!!!! I had amazing results with my One Juice cleanse, which I did in summer, and I didn’t struggle with the not eating part at all.

Maple Syrup, Lemon, Cayenne

The Vibrant Health Cleanse is a little different. It’s not a juice cleanse and you won’t find yourself sipping a gazillion veggie juices. Instead, it’s an organic powdered blend of maple syrup, lemon, and cayenne pepper. The cayenne can be quite intense, but I found it rather comforting – and drinking a glass of this blend will certainly make you ooze healthiness. I found it particularly tasty mixed with hot water to form a cayenne-lemon tea. The maple syrup adds that slight touch of sweetness, though it’s not overwhelming. That’s a good thing.

Vibrant Health Cleanse

Re-Setting The System

There may be lots of discussion on cleanses and that the idea of ‘cleansing’ your system doesn’t really work … but I’ve found, personally, that doing a cleanse like this completely re-sets my system. Why? Because I’m a foodie. And I like to eat. And sometimes this means I eat to much and my stomach is this ever-growing elephant that wants to consume more and more. And coz I don’t want to end up looking like an elephant, it’s good to train myself to eat less again – which, as anyone who has tried to diet will know, is incredibly hard. Cleanses, for me, do just that: They give me a scheduled break to reset my system, eat less … and have long-lasting effects of goodness.

Get Yours

And that’s why I’m super excited to (finally) do my Vibrant Health Cleanse as soon as the warmer weather hits!

Vibrant Health Cleanse 

Distributed in SA via Natural Vibrance

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*Photos by Lien Vanneste

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: August 2018


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