Discovering Veld and Sea At The Botanical Bar: All You Need To Know About Edible Flowers, Herbs, And More

Veld and Sea botanical bar


There are many great reasons to live in Cape Town. I mean, just look at our city! But there is something else going on here. Many of us feel strongly about the environment: we recycle, support no-packaging shops, refuse the straw, buy fresh local produce, do free range and organic as much as we can, and more. We believe in being the change we want to see. And that, above everything else, makes me a proud Cape Townian. 

It also means that a concept like Veld and Sea is just perfect for Cape Town. In a nutshell, Veld and Sea is a wild foraging adventure started by Roushanna Gray.  Based at the Good Hope Gardens Nursery at Cape Point, it offers an assortment of seasonal and sustainable foraging classes, workshops, and events. There are some amazing ones out there, like the coastal foraging workshop, but, of course, they involve actually driving out there. So enter Veld and Sea in the City, which will bring five of their workshops a bit closer to the city – the Botanical Bar to be exact!

Veld and Sea botanical bar


Veld and Sea at the Botanical Bar

Lucky I Love Foodies got to try a taster of their workshops a little while ago. On a beautiful sunny Tuesday, I grabbed my friend Darryn and made my way to the Botanical Bar on Longmarket Street for the media launch of the Veld and Sea in the City Workshop Series.

First of all, let me just say that the Botanical Bar is beautiful. If you have never been there before, it is well worth a visit. There is a huge focus on using local botanicals in all their food and drink, which is exactly in line with what Veld and Sea stands for.

Veld and Sea botanical bar workshops

Veld and Sea now offers workshops at the Botanical Bar

Arriving at the Scene

On arrival, we were met by the Veld and Sea team and got to choose an embroidered badge to wear and keep. Embroidery is one of the workshops, but more on that later. There were some snacks like sourdough toast with buchu and wild garlic butter (yummy) and smoked snoek and spekboom pate and seed crackers. And, of course, some yummy alcohol-free botanical-based welcome drinks.

Veld and Sea botanical bar smoked snoek

Smoked snoek

Veld and Sea botanical bar sourdough toast

Sourdough toast and more

Making Flower Crowns

We then proceeded to make flower crowns! I am the biggest girl when it comes to stuff like this and was so excited to make the first flower crown of my life. Even Darryn seemed to have a ball and sported his flower crown on his cap for the rest of the day! We then continued playing with flowers by decorating butter cookies with edible petals.  In a nut shell, choose flowers with pretty petals, paint cookie with egg white, stick on petals in which ever creative pattern you want, and coat with more egg white before baking. Flower petal decorations were a huge hit with everyone and the most amazing creations came to life!

Veld and Sea botanical bar flower crowns

*Flower crowns

Local Wild Herbs

Next, Roushanna chatted to us about the local wild herbs that literally grow on our doorstep (lucky us) and which are just perfect to use for food and drink. We all got to touch and smell everything from spekboom to African wormwood and wild garlic and it was fun to know that all of these would form part of our lunch, which was up next.

Veld and Sea botanical bar wild herbs

Wild herbs

The Botanical Bar Kitchen & Food

The amazing kitchen at The Botanical Bar created the most beautiful and delicious lunch spread. What fascinated me so much was that all the foods were things I knew, but because local wild herbs where used, the flavours were familiar but different at the same time. No flavour was too strong or overpowering, but noticeable enough to let you know that you were trying something new!

The roasted sweet potato with slangbos salt was to die for, as was the broccoli, baby spinach, spekboom, mange tout and charred baby corn salad and the cabbage and nasturtium slaw.  The lemon chicken was literally speared with wild rosemary and was amazing! The ostrich frikkadels were covered in a smoked imphepho chakalaka, and I promptly decided this is the only way they ought to be served. It was so good!

Veld and Sea botanical bar food

Gourmet goodies

Veld and Sea botanical bar koeksister

Hmm, yummy

Upcoming Veld and Sea Workshops

It was a beautiful day filled with happy spring time flowers, good fun, and loads of information, which is exactly what the Veld and Sea in The City Workshops want to do! With our flower crowns and cookie decorations we had a taste of the Flower Workshop (27 October) and, by learning about our local herbs, we had a taste of the Wild Herbs for Culinary Use (1 December) and Wild Herbs for Cocktails (29 December) workshops. There is also a Nature Inspired Embroidery Workshop on the 18th of November and a Nature Inspired Weaving workshop on December the 9th.

All of these 3-hour workshops will take place at The Botanical Bar, are led by one of the Veld and Sea team members, and cost R500 per person. For more info and to book for these workshops, go to the Veld and Sea website here.

Veld and Sea botanical bar flowers

*Beautiful flowers

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A huge thank you to Roushanna and her team as well as everyone at The Botanical Bar!

For more on Veld and Sea, please visit their official website here, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

For more on The Botanical Bar, see below.

The Botanical Bar

Address: 160 Longmarket Street, Cape Town CBD

Opening Times: Monday (11:30 – 14:30), Tuesday – Friday (11:30 – late), Saturday (16:00 – late)


Call: +27 76 124 4639

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*Photos marked with an asterisk courtesy of Veld and Sea.

Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: October 2018


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