Tuning the Vine with Wildekrans Wines and Atelier MCC

At Arcade on Bree

If you have been following my recent wine journey, you’ll know that I’m quite enjoying learning about the smaller, less commercially well-known wine farms and their offerings, so I was super happy when another wine I wasn’t familiar with landed in my inbox. Well, the invite landed there; the wine I had to wait for. This time a bunch of fellow wine lovers and I would learn about Wildekrans Wines and Atelier MCC as part of November’s Tuning the Vine. And all of this wine goodness was to happen at Arcade, which I was super happy about. First of all my sis and I reviewed Arcade a while back (see here) and loved the food (Brooklyn burger for the win) and, secondly, awesome photo opportunities! I mean, who doesn’t love pink neon signs and the beautiful pink hue they cast on to everything?

On the night, Arcade delivered perfectly on the good food and pink lights, but more on that in a little. Let’s get to the wine first. Wildekrans Wine Estate is located about an hour out of Cape Town in Botrivier. (Unrelated, and strangely enough, Botrivier keeps popping up for me, so I’m taking it as a sign that I need to visit soon.)

Introducing Wildekrans

Back to Wildekrans. Winemaker, viticulturist and Estate Manager Braam Gericke was there to lead us though the wines. If there is one thing I love, it is passion, and Braam is passionate about his wines. He is also passionate about playing around with the wines, trying new things, and experimenting. One thing he said that stuck with me is the following: “We want to kick the door down with what we create” – and I love that. It’s no wonder they are winning awards.

Wildekrans Sauvignon Blanc and Salad

We started off with the Wildekrans Estate Range 2018 Sauvignon Blanc. Fruity and fresh, but not as ‘green’ as Sauvignon Blancs often are. I quite liked this wine. To complement the wine, Arcade presented us with The Buttafly Salad.  Grilled sweetcorn, Danish feta, wild rocket, micro herbs, coriander leaves, salsa verde, cherry tomatoes, fresh lime, pickled red cabbage, chicken, yogurt, jalapenos, and sweetcorn flower. Now you could think that those are far too many ingredients in one salad, but omg was it delicious. I wouldn’t change a single thing!

Pinotage and Burgers

Next we moved on to an incredible Wildekrans Estate Range 2016 Pinotage. Deeply purple in colour with elements of plum and quite elegant. I loved this wine. I also thought it paired perfectly with the Childish Burger (mozzarella, streaky bacon, Maldon salt) and some sweet potato fries. Whenever I visit Arcade, I always have the Brooklyn Burger, which I love, but it now has some serious competition. On a separate note, the sweet potato fries Arcade does are also yummy. They aren’t the mass produced orange ones that seem to dominate many menus. So yay for that!

Atelier MCC Brut and Pizzas

Next up Arcade brought out some pizzas. First up was the Schiller with tomato base, mozzarella, streaky bacon, pickled red onion, black sesame seeds, smoked chilli, honey, Bacardi Carta Negra rum-soaked burnt pineapple (so yum), micro greens, and lime. And then the Pablo with tomato base, fior di latte mozzarella, Parma ham, rocket, parmesan, olive oil, pine nuts, herbs and salt. Needless to say the pizzas were a hit. I loved that we were pairing this with bubbles. That just proves my point that bubbles go with everything! To be exact, we had the Atelier 2013 Brut. I really enjoyed this Chenin-based MCC.

Atelier MCC Brut Rose and Prego Rolls

But the Atelier MCC Brut Rosé 2013, made with Chardonnay (my current favourite varietal) and Pinot Noir (my favourite colour), stole my heart. It was just perfect.

While the Rosé and I were sharing a moment, Arcade presented us with the steak Prego roll, dry-aged sirloin, peri-peri sauce, pickled chilli, tomato salsa,  and coriander crunch dust with a vintage-style seared bun. Now I can’t eat spicy food to save my life, so I just had a little of this. Delicious as it was,  it was just too hot for me. But, then again, I have the tolerance of a baby when it comes to anything spicy, so don’t look to me on this one. I can say everyone else at the table gobbled this up and absolutely loved it.

Atelier MCC Pinot Blanc and Panko-Crumbed Chicken

We ended our evening with the incredible Limited Edition Atelier MCC Pinot Blanc 2011 and some more delicious Arcade food: Panko-crumbed tempura chicken with mixed greens, smoked chilli flakes, avocado, yogurt, poppy seed, micro herbs, and smoked chilli Japanese mayo!

Thank You Wildekans, Atelier, and Arcade

Ah what a wonderful evening of good wine, MCC, and, of course, food! By the way, Wildekrans Wine Estate has some beautiful cottages on their estate that I think I should be looking in to … A huge thank to Braam from Wildkrans, the wonderful team at Arcade and, of course, Tarn, for organising everything.

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Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: November 2018


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