2020. What a year. And we’re not even half-way through! Regardless of all the chaos that’s going on, the foodie world is still striving. We have to eat, after all. And with that, there have been numerous emerging food trends that have marked the 2020 foodie scene.

So we thought we’d share to provide you with some much-needed entertainment in these difficult times.

Top Emerging Food Trends

Food For Health

You really are what you eat, and there has been an increased focus on functional foods that affect our mental and physical health. It’s no longer just about taste or how much it fills you up – the functional side really does matter!


Everything gluten-free has definitely been trending for quite a while, which is great for those that are actually gluten intolerant as well as those making a lifestyle choice. Cauliflower becoming pizza was very much 2019, but consider a whole bunch of other alternatives – almonds, banana, cashews, chickpeas, coconut, macadamia, quinoa, sorghum, tiger nuts, and even more exotic grains. These are all entering the main-stream foodie world.

Top Emerging Food Trends In 2020 Snacks

Choosing healthy snacks is in for 2020

Healthy snacks

Let’s be honest, snacks won’t die. But, snacks are definitely becoming healthier. Consumers are frequently looking for more health-conscious but convenient ways to satisfy their snacking needs.

Meat-plant products

Plant-based was definitely the 2019 hype, but it looks like the new trend is offering hybrid/blended products that deliver meat products, while still focusing on the sustainability and health benefits of plant-based products. These seem to be the products of choice for those who want to cut down on their meat consumption but don’t feel comfortable to go fully plant-based yet.


Seaweed is no longer just reserved for sushi. Turns out it can be quite versatile. It’s also packed with nutrients and boasts dozen of health benefits, so seaweed may just be your new favourite thing too.

Top Emerging Food Trends In 2020 Seaweed

Seaweed is no longer purely reserved for sushi

Top Emerging Drink Trends

0% Is Cool

Alcohol has definitely taken a backseat this year, resulting in the emergence of dozens of non-alcoholic and 0% wines, beers, and spirits!

Gut Health

While drinks focusing on gut health have already been cool for a while – think kombucha, for one – these goodies are still trending in 2020!

Top Emerging Food Trends In 2020 Kombucha

Gut-healthy drinks are still all the rage

Statistics provided by Wren Kitchens and food futurologist Tony Hunter.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: April 2020


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