Top Tricks To Staying Healthy While Eating Out

Staying healthy while eating out

It’s no secret that I love to eat out. Obviously. I wouldn’t be much of an ‘I Love Foodies’ if I wasn’t addicted to food (in a good way). But anyone above the age of seven knows that eating out all the time isn’t the healthiest thing you could be doing, so it’s important to make decisions that will help you keep your health in check while still enjoying the luxuries of eating out. So here are some handy I Love Foodies tips to staying healthy while eating out.

Go Easy On The Alcohol

I’ve never been much of a drinker, but I do enjoy a good glass of wine with dinner – every now and then. For most meals, I try to stick to water. Order sparkling and add a slice of lemon and, voila, yummy already. If you really don’t want to skip the wine (coz some meals are just better with it), then order a carafe to share.

Staying healthy while eating out have a glass of wine

Stick To Two Courses

Yeah, easy for me to say coz I eat three course meals all the time. But recently I’ve found that sticking to two courses does wonders. Often I’ll do starters and mains, mains and dessert, starters and dessert, or two starters – and it’s always more than enough. Sure I can eat more – and I love to eat more – but you don’t always have to, and you can easily get a great flavour profile with just two courses.

The Side Salad

Lots of people hate side salads – and, I’ll confess, some restaurants do terrible ones. But if you have the choice of a side, go for salad or veggies and skip the extra carbs. That way you can still enjoy the heartier portion of your meal (be it a steak or a pasta), and add in some extra crunch and that additional health burst.

Staying healthy while eating out go for the side salad

Skip the Sauces

I love a good sauce. Now I’m dreaming of a creamy mushroom sauce with a good steak …. and sometimes that’s exactly what I’ll go for. But if it’s not a house-made sauce full of goodness, it’s a strict no-go from me. Condiments are loaded with excess sugar and often reading through the ingredients list will make you think you’re reading the list of a chemical waste plant.

Sharing Is Caring

Ok, I’m a foodie. I never want to share my food. But one simply can’t deny that sharing is caring when it comes to guilty pleasures. Really want that super delicious but calorie-rich dessert? Go for it. Live a little. But share it with your best friend or hubby and don’t feel like a beached whale afterwards.

Staying healthy while eating out skip the sauces

Enjoy Your Food

This is often overlooked, but if you’re not enjoying your food, then what’s the point? Slow down. Chew well. Enjoy the experience. Food is wonderful, and should be treated as such.

Got More?

There’s so much more you could do to stay healthy while eating out. Got more tips? Share them with us!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: March 2019


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