Tasting Inverroche Gin

Tasting Inverroche Gin

We all have our go-to drink, regardless of whether we’re out for the night or just chilling indoors with friends. That one choice of drink that’s your absolute fave. The one you can never go wrong with. Mine? Gin! More specifically, gin and tonic. So there was absolutely no hesitation when I Love Foodies was invited to the launch of the new Creative Collection Series No. 2 Coco L’Orange by Inverroche Distillery.

The event was held at the serene and breathtakingly beautiful Ellerman House in Bantry Bay. We were treated like royalty from the minute we entered the premises. Everything was top notch. We were led through the gardens to where the main event was happening, where we were greeted by a beautiful champagne fountain made of Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut. This was our welcome drink, which we enjoyed over amazing views of the city of Cape Town.

champagne ellerman house

Tasting Inverroche Gin

The Inverroche Gin Creative Collection Series No. 2 Coco L’Orange

After welcome drinks, we headed inside, where we were told more about the Inverroche Gin Creative Collection Series, No. 2 Coco L’Orange, and the collaboration between the L’Orange and the Lindt Orange Intense Dark Chocolate and Almond Slithers.

But what is the Inverroche Creative Collection? Well, Inverroche was founded by Lorna Scott and her family in a small fishing village on the South Cape coast of South Africa. This region is commonly known as being the central catalyst where all of humanity became creative thinkers. Inspired by the numerous pieces of evidence excavated at two nearby world-renowned archaeological sites, the distillery had created the Inverroche Creative Collection in recognition of the significance these discoveries hold.

We got to try the gin in numerous forms and creations. One was an edible G&T, which was basically a piece of Lindt orange chocolate, dipped in caramelised Inverroche L’Orange Gin, and then sprinkled with dehydrated tonic. Absolutely delicious.

Truth Coffee also partnered with Inverroche L’Orange. The L’Orange was turned into a foam to decorate the Truth Coffee single-origin Guatemala 24-hour cold brew. My palate was a little shocked after the first sip but the flavour did grow on me.

Then, to finish off, we went straight to the bar, where our mixologist prepared the best G&Ts for us, using the Inverroche Verdant. This is part of the Fynbos Collection, and so very yum.

lindt orange chocolate

lindt chocolate

More Tasting … And A Winning Prize

After this introduction to Inverroche, it was time to take our seats and begin the main event – yes, there’s more. Now we would learn more about Inverroche and taste and pair the collection.

Now, guys, before I continue, I have to share this! Gosh, I am excited even writing it. So prior to us entering the venue, we were informed that guests would have a chance to win a unique special blend bottle of Inverroche Gin. To qualify, you had to take a photo featuring the Inverroche L’Orange and post it on your Instagram feed! I won!!!! I Love Foodies bagged the prize!

Back to business. It was time for some tastings. Here we tried the Coco L’Orange, Gin Classic, Gin Verdant, and the Gin Amber, all mixed with some good ol’ Fitch and Leedes Indian tonic. Gin is always a winner in my book. From the tastings, my plus one and I gravitated to and got stuck on the Inverroche Verdant. It is stellar.

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ellerman house food

The Food Side of Things

Now, you know there is no perfect event without food. Needless to say, Ellerman House did the best with their dishes. We tried the Ellerman House Caesar Salad, with quinoa tuilles, crispy pork cheek, and their luxurious and delicious buttermilk Caesar dressing. If this is how all salads would be made, I would not hesitate to be a permanent salad girl. Might even help me gain my figure back. Haha.

Then we tried their masterpiece roasted pork belly. Think braised red cabbage, smoked sweet potato, puffed crackling, and tender juicy pork belly. My goodness! To close off the evening, we had a beautiful vanilla ice cream and a side of macarons.

pork belly ellerman house

salad ellerman house

macaron ellerman house

Get Your Hands On Inverroche Gin

This event was nothing short of amazing. And you can definitely recreate some of that magic at home with the Inverroche Gin Collection. For more info on these fantastic gins, see below.

Inverroche Gin

Website: http://inverroche.com

Email: social@inverroche.co.za


Written by Mary-Anne Gontsana

Article Date: September 2019


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