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Abraham Maslow, in his hierarchy of needs, states that basic needs are things like food, warmth, rest, and safety. What he forgot to include, however, is ice cream. It’s a basic need. One could also argue that it’s a psychological need. Actually, no need to argue. That’s a fact. I’m going to take it a step further and say that the particular ice cream that he should have mentioned is Skinny Scoop. I’ll forgive Maslow for his huge error of not including Skinny Scoop. After all, it didn’t exist in 1943 and that must have been just terrible for the poor guy.

Lucky for me (and you), Skinny Scoop’s low carb and sugar-free protein ice cream exists today – and has been around for a while. I’ve been following a low carb diet for years and it literally changed my life for the better. A low carb lifestyle, in a nutshell, entails minimising carbs and completely cutting out sugar. For me, it also means excluding anything that is unnatural, so no preservatives, additives, etc. I also have a blanket rule that anything with more than a handful of ingredients is a no-go.

Now, if you love ice cream as much as I do, this becomes a bit of a challenge. I have tried pretty much every low carb sugar-free ice cream that’s out there, and they either taste weird or have so many additives in them that I actually feel ill after eating them. That is, all except one. Drum roll please for Skinny Scoop!

skinny scoop vanilla camilla ice cream

Best served ice cold.

Under The Covers … Aka Ingredients

Skinny Scoop is a sugar-free, low carb, high protein ice cream that contains no preservatives or colourants and is 100% natural. So how is that even possible? Skinny Scoop is marketed as a protein ice cream and contains whey protein isolate. Whey protein is one of the best kinds of protein out there and is full of essential and non-essential amino acids. Yay! 

For necessary sweetness, Skinny Scoop uses xylitol. It’s a natural sweetener that doesn’t affect blood sugar and is also pretty good for your teeth. To thicken, Skinny Scoop contains a little bit of sodium alginate (made from seaweed and is completely natural). And then, depending on which flavour you choose, Skinny Scoop contains beautiful goodies like cocoa, vanilla, whole milk, and cream. And that is pretty much it! Win-win on the ingredients department.

With a short list of ingredients and being both low carb and sugar-free, Skinny Scoop has a lot going for it. But healthy ice cream still has to taste like real ice cream. And this is where Skinny Scoop truly shines. There is no weird taste or funny texture. It’s not overly sweet like most sugar-free goodies are. This is just delicious ice cream that happens to be good for you. So whether you are a low-carber like me or health-conscious or wanting extra protein or just want damn good ice cream, chances are you’ll find your happy place with at least one of Skinny Scoop’s four choices. There is even an option for vegans.

Dear Skinny Scoop Afterdark Cacao. I Love You. Sincerely, Me.

The Afterdark Cacao is not just my favourite Skinny Scoop offering, but it’s also my favourite ice cream in the world. Even compared to every other ice cream from my pre-low-carb days, this one wins.

Afterdark Cacao is an intense chocolate ice cream that is rich, dark, smooth, chocolatey, and just perfect. I hardly ever crave sweet things or chocolate any more (going low carb does that), but when I do, this tub of magic instantly satisfies any craving.

My poor sister has often had to join me on a wild goose chase to find the last tub of Afterdark Cacao in the area. As luck would have it, it’s usually the one sold out when I’m looking for it, which just goes to show that I’m not the only one who loves it.

tub of afterdark cacao ice cream skinny scoop

The Afterdark Cacao is delightful.

skinny scoop vanilla camilla and afterdark cacao ice creams

There really is nothing better than a tub of Skinny Scoop!

Simply Vanilla Camilla

When I can’t find  Afterdark Cacao, Vanilla Camilla is always my next choice. It’s also Benike’s favourite Skinny Scoop flavour. I love the fact that you can actually see the vanilla sprinkled in the ice cream. And, of course, Skinny Scoop uses real vanilla.  Camilla Vanilla is an uber-yum ice cream with a no-fuss but delectable vanilla taste.

It works well on its own, but it’s also great to add a scoop of it to low-carb baked goodies like Banting Boulevard brownies or anything from Guiltless Bakery. And I really want to see if I can make a whisky Dom Pedro with it. Watch this space.

Fun Times With Peanut Butter Zoey

At a higher carb content than the first two, this is a flavour I just recently tried for the first time. For people who love salted caramel, this would be the one to try. Peanut Butter Zoey contains rock salt and you definitely taste it, but in a good way. Peanut butter can often be overpowering, but Skinny Scoop gives you peanut butter in a sophisticated, understated way. This means even those who generally avoid peanut butter, like Benike, might end up really enjoying it.

I like the flavour, but at more than double the carb content of the Afterdark Cacao and Vanilla Camilla, I would probably only grab this tub if the other two aren’t available. But if you are not quite as strict as me, indulge away!

Vegan Delight With Maca Maya

Most vegan offerings don’t work for me as they tend to contain a very long list of ingredients and sugar or higher carb sugar alternatives. However, Skinny Scoop has created something truly great with Maca Maya. It does have a few more ingredients than the other options, but nothing that’s a no-go in my book. This dark chocolate and maca frozen dessert contains coconut milk and cream, maca, cocoa, and xylitol.

Taste-wise, it has the same intense chocolate feeling as the Afterdark Cacao with added hints of maca and an undercurrent of coconut. Perfectly yummy, this is a definite must-try for vegans and lactose-intolerant peeps. And it has super low carb content too.

skinny scoop vanilla ice cream on banting boulevard chocolate brownie

The Skinny Scoop vanilla ice cream is delicious with the Banting Boulevard chocolate brownies.

peanut butter zoey

Peanut Butter Zoey has a salted caramel taste.

skinny scoop dark chocolate and maca

Dark Chocolate and Maca is the vegan Skinny Scoop.

skinny scoop maca maya ice cream

The chocolate taste of Maca Maya is similar to Afterdark Cacao but has more of a coconut undertone.

Sweet Endings

So there you have it, the missing link in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: Skinny Scoop protein ice cream. I guess at the end of the day, whether you are following a specific eating plan or not, we can all agree on the following: Ice cream makes the world go around and indulging in healthier treats can only do wonders for us all. So, thank you, Skinny Scoop, for creating guilt-free ice cream and making me, and many others, so incredibly happy.

Have a look at for more details and to find stockists in your area. Amongst others, you can find Skinny Scoop at Wellness Warehouse, Food Lover’s Market, Spar, select Engen stores( like the one on Orange), and, of course, Giovanni’s Deli in Green Point. Also, check out Skinny Scoop on Instagram and Facebook.

Written by Sabine Palfi
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Article Date: September 2020

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