Looking Forward To The Secret Garden Market on 29 September

 Secret Garden Market

Spring. Is there anything better?! I love flowers blooming and, finally, for Cape Town, lush green gardens. I love the wonderful promise of fresh and new that springs and, if you ask me, that is something that should be celebrated. So, the idea of a Spring Celebration with The Secret Garden Market sounds just about perfect!

Sadly I couldn’t make the last few Secret Garden Markets earlier this year. So I am doubly looking forward to the first one of the new season on Saturday 29 September! Some basic info: The market takes place at 122 Constantia Main Road, Witteboomen, and runs from 10am – 4pm, with free entry and loads of street parking (check out the FB page for all the info on where to park). Bring friends and family … but furry friends have to stay home for this one. For peeps with kids, there is a supervised kiddies play area with a bouncing castle and freshly made flower crowns. I’m hoping the flower crowns and castle aren’t just for the kiddies!!!!

 Secret Garden Market

The Vendors

Over 60 vendors will be attending, with everything from yummy food, amazing drinks, homeware, and boutique fashion. I am looking forward to browsing and hopefully shopping from Beach Cult (def need some new beach wear), Brushes by West, Journey Leather, India Ink, and Threads That Bind Us. Obviously, all this will be done while sipping some L’ Ormarins bubbles and the occasional Crumbs and Cream treat, Holy Macaroni tubs of goodness and Ma Mere confections … while listening to the sweet sounds of live music!

 Secret Garden Market

 Secret Garden Market

Much Excitement

Ah, is it the 29th already? Those of us who are apartment-dwelling-city-people seldom have the chance to kick off our shoes, feel the grass under our toes, lie back and enjoy some sun on our faces. And that is just what we can expect to do between exploring stalls and shopping. So this is me hoping for clear blue skies and loads of sunshine. And I hope to see you The Secret Garden Market!

All the Info

For info, see below or visit the Secret Garden Market Facebook page.

Date: Saturday 29 September 2018

Time: 10am – 4pm

Address: 122 Constantia Main Road, Witteboomen

Entrance: Free

Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: September 2018


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