Experiencing Woodlands Eatery With The Feastfox App

Feastfox Woodlands Eatery Exterior

Feastfox. This app launched a little while ago, much to the delight of Cape Town food lovers. We’ve obviously been a little caught up in life and haven’t been able to share our adventures with you before, but, alas, it is finally time. So. Back to the launch of Feastfox (and to tell you more about this app).

I was super excited to set off to experience the Feastfox launch.  It was shrouded in a bit of mystery in terms of how the evening was going to unfold, so I headed off to town to meet my friend Sandy at the Twankey Bar.  It was a drizzly Cape Town evening when finding parking becomes a complicated disaster of epic proportions. But I finally managed to find some and staggered into the luxury and warmth of the delightful Twankey Bar, which is all about elegance and sophistication, and, even more necessary in that moment, cocktails.

Feastfox App

The Feastfox app

Once I was settled, we were given cards similar to The Amazing Race with our next destination.  Feastfox is an online dining app that is all about increasing spontaneity. It allows you to find restaurants close by and make online reservations through the app, which must be redeemed within 30 minutes of making your booking.  Sandy was on a bit of a timing deadline because of babysitters, so we made our booking at the Woodlands Eatery and dashed off to find her car to head on to our surprise dining destination.

The app has a map feature that can give you turn-by-turn directions to your destination, but for whatever reason it wasn’t working for us. This led to much hilarity as we drove through thundering rain and impossible traffic, finally coming to the sad realisation that we are both people who couldn’t navigate themselves out of a paper bag. Alas, we finally arrived at the gorgeously picturesque Woodlands Eatery.

Feastfox Woodlansd Eatery Interior

Interior space at Woodlands Eatery

Feastfox Woodlands Eatery Bar

The Woodlands bar

It was love at first sight.  The restaurant is a cottage with beautiful greenery and bedecked with fairy lights.  The interior is warm and cozy, with eclectic décor and an exposed brick bar.  We were warmly welcomed by the owners and settled into a comfy table to peruse the extensive menu.

Sandy and I shared the zucchini fritters as a starter.  They were incredibly fresh and tasty.  We then had the mammoth task of selecting our mains.  The menu ranges from pasta to pizza to burgers and tacos but Sandy and I both decided on the prawns.  Sandy opted for the prawns peri peri and I chose the lime prawns.  I am not exaggerating, it was prawn heaven!

Sandy’s peri peri prawns were sticky and rich and spicy and came with a super thin, crispy, garlicky focaccia.  My lime prawns were citrusy and tangy and delicious and my Greek salad was exceptional and even came with micro greens!  Sandy and I both agreed that it was one of the best meals we had eaten in a long time.

Feastfox Woodlands Eatery Pizza

Despite offering a range of dishes, Woodlands is well-known for their pizzas

The vibe was local and unpretentious but still comfortable and fun.  I would highly recommend the Woodlands Eatery for a romantic night out or for girlfriends looking for a fabulous night out to catch up.  The menu is bound to cater for everyone.

After dinner, Sandy dashed off to relieve the babysitter. I had a 10-minute wait for my Uber and was offered a limoncello for the road, which was the perfect alternative to dessert.

Feastfox sets you up for a fun night out, allowing for spontaneity and perhaps expanding your dining experience into new and different locations.  Look out for the orange surprise exclusive offers listed on the site.  Take charge of your booking and eating experience and let the app lead you on new and exciting adventure.  What have you got to lose?

For more information on Feastfox and all its offerings, visit their official website here. Don’t forget to download the app as well to check out all their partner restaurants and special deals they offer. Available on iOS and Android.

Photos courtesy of Feastfox.

Written by Gill Eastwood

Article Date: October 2017