WimbleGin For The Win With Gin Tribe

Gin Tribe by gift tribe

What do you get when you mix gin with tennis? WimbleGin! Hahaha! It was such an absolute pleasure to be invited by Gin Tribe to their Wimbledon-inspired gin tasting event held at the Constantia Tennis Club. Though is was so intimidating having to shop for tennis outfits for the theme, my sister and I nailed it!

Gin Tribe is the first subsidiary of Gift Tribe, which focuses on providing their customers with innovative, quirky and beautifully presented quality gifts and accessories, aimed at enhancing any gin experience.

Getting Lost … And The Gin Reward

Before anything else, I have to complain about the venue. Not that there was anything wrong with the tennis club itself, it was finding it that was the problem! It literally took us half an hour to find the place after the provided map GPS location took us to a completely different place. We had to ask random security guards, waiters at random restaurants, even patrons who were enjoying their Sunday lunch in these restaurants, and not one of the many people we asked knew that there was even a tennis club in the area.

We were literally on the verge of giving up when we figured out – after much Googling and Facebooking – that the tennis club was inside a sports centre we had driven passed when entering Constantia! Later we found out the fellow gin lovers had also gotten lost on the way to the venue, so we weren’t the only ones. But now to the real buzz: Gin.

Gin Tasting

With all the drama, it was only fair that when we finally entered the tennis club, which was abuzz with gin lovers, we went straight for our first tasting, which turned out to be a stress reliever. Haha. (Maybe it was all planned? Lol.)

Monks Gin

First up was Monks Gin. I tasted their fynbos- and sceletium-infused gin and my sister tried out their Mary Jane gin, infused with hemp. Such a beautiful bottle of gin, and so potent! We felt a little tingle after finishing our glasses.

Gin Tribe monks gin

Monks Gin

Sugarbird Gin

The next stall was the Sugarbird Gin. Such yum! This is where we camped and ended up buying a bottle. On the bottle label, one of the ingredients is listed as “grains of paradise”. Believe me when I tell you that paradise is where you go when you take a sip of this beautiful Cape Fynbos Gin. It has a distinct taste that just blends marvellously with the Fitch and Leeds Pink Tonic. (Always a winner too.)

Gin Tribe sugarbird gin

Sugarbird Gin with our fave Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic

Prohibition Gin

On to the next one. Stall number three was the equally delicious Prohibition Gin from the Southern Moonshine range. If you didn’t already know, I Love Foodies reviewed Prohibition Gin last month, and, just as previously said, this gin is a refreshing drink that is both aromatic, flavoursome, and romantic. It was a hard choice deciding whether to buy the Prohibition Gin or the Sugarbird Gin.

Gin Tribe prohibition gin

Prohibition Gin

Ginny Fowl Gin

Lastly on our gin tasting list was the Ginny Fowl gin. Unfortunately when we were about to hop on over to their stall, they were packing away. But the Ginny Fowl had our back, because when we looked inside our goodie bags, there it was, a sample of their Classic Resurrection Gin.

When they say “classic”, they mean it. That is exactly the kind of taste I got from this gin. It was so pure with no unnecessary flavouring, perfect for die hard gin fans who love drinking their gins neat with some ice.

Gin Tribe mugs

One of the mugs available as part of Gin Tribe

WimbleGin Tennis

But I know you’re wondering, what’s a tennis-themed event without a bit of tennis, right? Gin lovers were given a chance to partake in an indoor table tennis tournament. It was loads of fun to watch different people battling it out!

Gin Tribe tennis

Getting our tennis on

Get Your Gin On With Gin Tribe

So, besides getting lost in a terrible storm, WimbleGin was loads of fun! Thank you Gin Tribe! We’ve left with good memories.

For more information on Gin Tribe, see below. For more information on the individual gins we sampled, click through to their websites (linked in each name above).

Gin Tribe

Website: www.gifttribe.co.za


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Written by Mary-Anne Gontsana

Article Date: July 2018


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