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Growing up, my family and I once lived in a hotel for half a year. It’s a long and fun story, but that story isn’t entirely relevant. The point, however, is that since then, I just love hotels coz I feel at home there. But often the hotels in one’s home city don’t seem like places you are meant to visit, which is why I love when hotels offer little things to make us locals feel welcome.


Enter StellaSessions at the beautiful Cullinan Hotel. The Stella Restaurant and Bar is on the ground floor of this majestic hotel and encompasses both an inside area and outside area around the pool. Of course, there is no reason not to visit Stella on a normal day, but now there is an awesome reason to visit it for StellaSessions. This event takes place every Friday from 17:00 – 19:00 during the summer months. In a nutshell, it is a mixture of bottomless cocktails, a snack stack to share, and some chilled live music.

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Bottomless Cocktails

My good friend Shannyn joined me to give StellaSessions a try. A special green rugby-inspired G&T welcomed us, but this is not part of the normal selection, so I won’t go into detail on this. Usually, you have a choice of four bottomless cocktails. You can have all or just the ones you want. It’s completely up to you.

There is the refreshing Mint Mojo, containing rum, lime-infused syrup, spearmint, lime wedges, and Indian tonic. Then there is the beautiful Berry Fizz with fresh mixed berries, vodka, a spritz of lime, and a splash of Indian Tonic. I really loved this one. Also absolutely delicious is the Stella Sunrise with rum, a dash of coconut syrup, and finished off with Indian Tonic. Lastly, there is also an Elderflower Spritzer but I didn’t try this one.

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Sabine Palfi | *Photo by Shannyn Fourie

Shannyn Fourie | I Love Foodies Sweetheart

Snack Stack

The Snack Stack to share is a three-tiered affair with goodness at every level. The top plate contains a prawn rice paper wrap with soy dipping sauce and two salmon pâté canapés. The middle plate has two yummy mini beef burgers and two mini boerewors rolls. The bottom plate is filled with six chicken lollipops and four chilli potstickers with a tikka sauce that Shannyn fell in love with. They also do a vegetarian version of this if requested!

*Photo by Shannyn Fourie

The Verdict

Shannyn and I had a great time, sipping yummy cocktails, snacking away, bobbing to awesome tunes, and having little impromptu photo sessions by the pool. The waiters at Stella are fantastic and we were never without a drink in hand. It was perfectly chilled and relaxed and I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon.

A huge thank you to Amy, GM Jacques, and the entire waitstaff at Stella!

Try Out StellaSessions

The Stella Restaurant and Bar is located on the ground floor of The Cullinan Hotel, 1 Cullinan Street. For more information or to book a table, e-mail them at or call +27 21 415 4000. StellaSessions costs R220 per person and includes the bottomless cocktails and a snack stack to share.

Written by Sabine Palfi
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Article Date: October 2019


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