Review: Steak Girl Adventures At City Grill

I never used to be much of a steak girl. That is, until a few years ago when my (in)significant other at the time introduced me to the steaks at NV-80 – and I was sold! Steaks were golden, my happy place, my carnivorous Namibian self at its true glory! But, given my upbringing, I still much prefer venison over beef, and get pretty excited when I find a restaurant that serves ostrich, springbok, kudu, or the like. So imagine my joy when I went to go visit City Grill!

City Grill, for those that don’t know it, is a steakhouse at the V&A Waterfront that prides itself on its true South Africanness. Sure, some of the offerings will be more exciting for tourists than for locals – such as their biltong and droewors offerings – but the rest of the menu is pretty exciting for pretty much everyone. They have a ‘regular’ steak section, a gourmet steak section, and the delicious venison section, where they offer everything from springbok and ostrich to zebra and crocodile!

The portions at City Grill are pretty big.

I did post a picture of the menu on Twitter while I was at the restaurant and there was quite some chit chat about the pricing, so I’ll say straight-up that the venison section of the menu is not cheap – for locals. For tourists, well, they most likely have a pretty strong currency on their side (lucky buggers). You’re looking at about R245 on average for a venison dish and R255 for a gourmet steak, but standard steaks range from R160 – R220 for the 250g, depending on the cut, which is on par with most steak restaurants I’ve visited around the Mother City.

The world’s yummiest garlic roll

Prices aside, let’s get to the food. My sister, Sabine, and I visited City Grill on a cold Sunday afternoon, so warm and hearty food was definitely on the cards. We started off our experience with a crispy garlic roll, which rocked my world, a creamy butternut & feta soup, which I found a little too sweet for my liking but it was still comforting so I ate it all, and a portion of their grilled calamari. Yes, not quite fitting to have at a steakhouse, but their grilled calamari is really quite good!

Grilled calamari with rice

Butternut & feta soup

For mains, Sabine went the traditional route. She had a 250g fillet with the traditional basting and a side of veggies. Now, if you’ve read a few of Sabine’s articles, you’ll know that she likes her steak well-done. Full stop. No argument. And many, many places try to argue with her. And, yes, she is aware that a medium steak is softer and all that jazz, but well-done is the way she likes it.

I think that so many restaurants argue about this because they can’t get it right. But good restaurants always can. The top winners for getting the perfect well-done steak are still Shortmarket Club and Den Anker, both of which managed to present a perfectly well-done steak that’s still soft and delicious! But City Grill came right as well. And they even do a ‘steak check’ to see if the customer is happy with the ‘doneness’ of the meat. Thumbs up for that!

City Grill is running a great winter special, where you’ll get 50% off their gourmet steaks and burgers before 7pm!

I had initially planned on going for a gourmet steak – I’ve been eyeing the avocado and halloumi one for a while – but, alas, I could not ignore the call of the ostrich. Sorry Oskar. The ostrich steak at City Grill is marinated in orange juice, soya sauce, and ginger. I’ll be honest, this freaked me out a little. I like ginger and orange juice, but on my steak? Possibly not. But turns out the flavour is quite subtle, giving the slightest hint of additional spice without being overwhelming. And it was really good. I also had my steak with veggies – pumpkin, carrot, and baby marrow.

Ostrich steak

City Grill Beef Fillet

The well-done beef fillet

The portions at City Grill are pretty big. The starters alone could have been enough for the two of us! So we finished off our meal with a creamy cappuccino and skipped dessert. Probably a wise choice.

I’m still having daydreams about the possibility of that avocado and halloumi steak, so I’ll probably be back at City Grill in the near future. If you want to check it out and try some meaty goodness of your own, you’ll find them on the lower level at the V&A Waterfront. You can also visit the I Love Foodies Restaurant Directory Entry here for more info or give them a call on +27 21 421 9820 to make your reservation!

City Grill is running a great winter special, where you’ll get 50% off their gourmet steaks and burgers before 7pm! Also remember that City Grill is available on The Entertainer App. This is now available at a 20% discount if you use the ILOVEFOODIES code. Simply click here to make your purchase.

We’ll be back with more foodie news soon!

Happy munching!

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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: June 2017