The Slug & Lettuce Kloof Street Burger Deal

There are many cool things in this world. And burgers just happen to be one of them. Yes, Cape Town is burger central and we literally have gazillions of burger spots around. But does it ever get old? Nope! I think the cool thing is that there are always “new” burgers popping up – interesting toppings or stuffings or colourings or anything, really, to make the old regular burger a little more exciting. And then, of course, there are burger specials. And those, well, those just make the world go round – which is what this post on Slug & Lettuce Kloof Street is all about.

Tuesdays are big on specials, which is awesome, and Slug & Lettuce Kloof Street has a new Tuesday burger special that’s pretty darn epic. The deal in a nutshell is that you pay R200 and for that you’ll get two burgers plus a bottle of Nederburg 56 Hundred Sauvignon Blanc. Given the cost of things these days, that’s a pretty good deal.

The Slug Kloof space

The Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc 56 Hundred

But because we love the Slug & Lettuce, we started off with a few of their latest starters. If you didn’t know already, Slug & Lettuce Kloof Street was closed for a few months for renovations, but they’ve just recently re-opened and have a few pretty exciting new things on their menu. So we tried their Chilli Poppers, Halloumi Cheese, and a Creamy Mussel Pot. All absolute winners. Halloumi Cheese is always epic, the Creamy Mussel Pot was wonderful (and quite a good portion for a starter), and the Chilli Poppers were pretty darn awesome even for someone like me who doesn’t regularly eat hot stuff (aka, I didn’t die with the bite).

Selection of starters

Creamy mussel pot

Burger duo

Then we moved on to the real deal of the evening: the burgers! I had the Sternberger, topped with bacon, cheddar, sautéed onions, and roast garlic aioli, while my sister had the Homer, topped with cheddar cheese, camembert, feta, and sautéed onions. And both were pretty amazing! My sister is Banting, as you would probably know, so she had hers without the bun, but I went in old burger-style. It was messy and wonderful! Of course the wine was a great addition too – it’s light and easy-drinking, so perfect for a chilled night out.

I couldn’t resist trying the Fried Milk Tart Pancakes for dessert. With a description like that, who could? And it’s literally that – pancake stuffed with milk tarty goodness fried to be hard and crispy on the outside. It sounds bizarre, but as all the bartenders and waiters on the night assured me, it’s the latest top seller. So if you’re a dessert person, definitely give these a try.

Fried Milk Tart Pancakes

All in all, Slug & Lettuce Kloof Street is always a winner. I have to confess, I wanted to try their French Toast Club sandwich as well, but couldn’t possibly on the night – so I went back two days later to try it. OMG! It’s literally French Toast made into a sandwich and stuffed with chicken, bacon, camembert, tomato, lettuce, and pesto mayo. To die for. Slug has amazing specials all week so you can enjoy this treat for half price too!

For more information on Slug & Lettuce Kloof Street, visit the I Love Foodies restaurant directory entry. They’re located at 64 Kloof Street and open seven days a week from 11am to late, so they’re always there for your foodie needs.

We’ll be back with more foodie deliciousness soon!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: October 2017