A Slice Of Italy At Burrata

1 Burrata Atmosphere

Burrata at the Old Biscuit Mill has popularly been voted as one of Cape Town’s top Italian eateries, and a visit to this spot will surely explain why. Those less familiar with Burrata will surely know Bocca, their town-side gem, and the divine food you’ll get there is exactly the same goodness you’ll experience at Burrata, the original restaurant.

I visited Burrata a little while ago for a media lunch, and instantly fell in love with the gorgeously warm atmosphere. Their gigantic pizza oven faces the diners, so everyone can be mesmerised by the flickering flames and enjoy the warmth the oven provides – something definitely appreciated on a cold winter’s day. This place truly encompasses that gorgeous Italian atmosphere, and diners can enjoy the very best in atmosphere, hearty food, and great wine.

2 Burrata Starter Taster Portions

We started the Burrata experience with tasting portions of their starter menu. Variety is definitely the word of the day here, and I had a few items I was wholly unfamiliar with. Some of the items we tried included the cracker bread, fried cauliflower pops with basil pesto, pizza bread, and sautéed squid. I instantly fell in love with Burrata’s pizza bread – soft and fluffy, with a taste akin to heaven. I dipped these in the basil pesto for a truly divine starter meal!

3 Burrata Pizza Bread

For mains, Burrata is not short in variety either, and while they have quite an extensive pizza menu, they also serve great homemade pasta and the highly-recommended seared tuna! I had my taste buds set on the tuna, but the pizza bread was so good that I couldn’t resist not ordering a pizza for mains as well. Probably not the healthiest choice, but when in Rome … So I had a prosciutto, mozzarella, truffle spread, and mushroom pizza, of which I only had three slices before I reached my maximum capacity! The pizzas aren’t very large, but the fluffy base and healthy portion of toppings guarantee this to be a quick filler, so I’d definitely recommend sharing one of these bad boys!!!

4 Burrata Mushroom, Prosciutto, Truffle Pizza

For dessert, I was a little torn. They had almond cake, panna cotta, and lime zabaglione, all of which I absolutely love! But panna cotta is very dear to me, so I went with their gianduja panna cotta, served with sour cherries and banana sorbet. Banana sorbet? Yup! Sounds strange indeed. I’m not the biggest banana fan, but decided to be a little adventurous and try this anyway, and I actually quite liked it. Very fruity, without too much of the very intense banana flavour.

5 Burrata Panna Cotta With Sour Cherries and Banana Sorbet

There’s a reason Burrata is so highly acclaimed, and you certainly can’t go wrong with anything you order here. But those pizzas, those pizzas are fine! I’d definitely recommend this as one of my personal favourite pizza spots!

You can find Burrata at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. Booking is highly recommended, so give them a call on +27 21 447 6505 or +27 21 447 2134 to make yours. Also check out their website for a look at their menu!

We’ll be back soon with more foodie news. Until then, happy munching!

Written by Benike Palfi

Review Date: June 2016

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