Magic Meals at Savour at 15 on Orange

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel

There’s something quite magical about good food. Obviously, seeing I’ve made it a mission to spend (at least part of) my life writing about food. I’m not much of a food snob though, and can literally enjoy anything under the sun from butter popcorn to gourmet tartlets. That said, I am particularly drawn to fine dining. So when I get to enjoy dishes with a mousse of this and a dash of that, I’m in 7th heaven.

Enter Savour at 15 on Orange. I first visited this spot on Valentine’s Day for a special media dinner (work is love) and was pleasantly surprised to discover how this spot had changed. I once had a quick lunch there a couple of years ago (before I Love Foodies days) and was somewhat disappointed, left for years thinking that 15 on Orange had nothing delectable to offer. But boy-oh-boy have times changed.

I visit the 15 on Orange hotel all the time. Their bar is amazing, I love their rooftop pool area, and I’ve been there dozens of times for events and film shoots. And now I’ll definitely be heading back to Savour again and again.

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel

Views from Savour

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel ayama wine pairing

Ayama wine pairing

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel executive chef tamsyn wells

Executive Chef Tamsyn Wells

The Savour Restaurant

I most recently visited Savour for a wine pairing luncheon with Ayama Wines. Executive Chef Tamsyn Wells led us through numerous courses, expertly paired with Ayama wines, which were presented by owner Michela Dalpiaz.

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel beef fillet tartare

Beef fillet tartare

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel gravadlax

Dill-cured gravadlax

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel beetroot and goat's chevin

Beetroot and goat’s chevin

The Excellent Menu

Not all of the courses are available on the menu, so I’ll only give you a quick run-through of the dishes.

We started with a beef fillet tartare, paired with the Ayama Leopard Leap Spot White 2017. This was followed by a beetroot and goats chevin, paired with the Ayama Vermentino. After this we enjoyed the most delicious dill-cured gravadlax, paired with the Ayama Baboons Cheek Viognier 2016. Next up was the roast chalmar beef rib eye with vanilla puree, paired with the Ayama Pinotage.

From here we switched to a Forest hill manchego cheese board with spiced plum compte and seeded parmesan, paired with the Ayama Petite Sirah. Finally, we concluded our luncheon with a beautiful chocolate and cherry-glazed dome with a crispy wafer centre and burnt meringue.

I can’t fault a single dish. I am having slight foodie fantasies right now when thinking back to the gravadlax, which was definitely my favourite of them all, but every single dish was complete. Textures, flavours, colours were all spot-on. Chef Tamsyn Wells surely is a genius when it comes to her culinary creations.

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel roast chalmar beef rib eye

Roast chalmar beef rib eye

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel manchego cheese board

Manchego cheese board

savour restaurant at 15 on orange hotel chocolate and cherry-glazed dome

Chocolate and cherry-glazed dome

Check out Savour

I’d be very keen to head back to Savour at the 15 on Orange hotel to see what else they have – and what’s on the regular menu – but have no doubt that every single dish served here will be foodgasmic.

To check out Savour, view the 15 on Orange Hotel details below.

15 On Orange Hotel

Address: Corner Grey’s Pass & Orange Street

Call: +27 21 469 8000

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All photos courtesy of Werner Ryke.

Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: April 2019


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