Fine Dining with the Restaurant at the Nek

Two years ago when the Harbour House Group took over the top of Constantia Nek and opened La Parada and Harbour House, I Love Foodies was there celebrate. We later also dined at both places and loved it. To be honest, we do tend to like food served by anything to do with the Harbour House Group. So when the announcement came that the Harbour House Group would be launching their first fine dining restaurant, The Restaurant At The Nek, we got excited! 

First thing you notice stepping into The Restaurant At The Nek is, of course, the magnificent view. It’s nice in the eve, but it’s breathtaking during the day, which makes a lunch affair fantastic. The last time I was at this venue there where major problems with the acoustics, but now beautifully installed sound dampeners took care of this. The interior is also warmer and more cosy and inviting than before, but in no way detracts from the view and, as I was about to find out, from Chef Dylan Laity’s food.

For our media lunch, we were to be presented with a five course set menu selected from the usual eight course set menu (R820 pp or R1150 with wine pairing – menu details on the website). After some introductions on the new restaurant, changes to the interior, and a quick hello from the (obviously) very busy award-winning Chef Dylan, our lunch adventure began.

Mozambican Tiger Prawns

First up: Mozambican tiger prawns, amasi, kimchi and tom yum jelly. Beautifully presented, this dish was fresh and summery. The amasi balanced the distinct flavours of the tom yum jelly and the kimchi brought it all together. The bite sized chunks of prawns, were, of course, divine.

Raw Karan Beef

We swiftly moved on to the next dish of raw Karan beef in Rooikrans coal oil, puffed rice, lemon, and mustard. I loved the presentation of this dish on a slab of wood and it reminded me that we were definitely experiencing South African fine dining. Of course this is just what Chef Dylan had intended!

Spiced Hake

The following course was spiced hake, chermoula, parsley, organic carrots, and brown butter. Personally, I’m not a huge chermoula fan, but still this dish was sublime. The glass of The Weather Station Sauvignon Blanc that I had accepted earlier also complimented this dish so well.

Springbok Loin

The last of our mains was the Springbok loin, semi-dried beetroot, blueberry, kale, and celeriac. What a dish this was, intense and full of flavour. The springbok was perfectly done and I really enjoyed the beetroot and kale in this dish. I never thought I would say I enjoyed kale, but it was exceptional.

Amarula & White Chocolate Mousse

We ended off with a beautifully presented Amarula and white chocolate mousse, with fueilletin and green tea with coconut ice cream, over which literal lychee snow was drizzled. I don’t think I have ever encountered lychee snow before, but think that will have to be standard on all my desserts from now on. It was incredible, icy cold and intensely lychee. The rest of the dessert was incredible too, and not overbearingly sweet.  A prefect ending.

Final Verdict

The Restaurant At The Nek had promised ‘bold flavour marriages but in a grounded approach to cuisine and some interesting South African twists’, and Chef Dylan and his kitchen definitely delivered. The attention to detail from both the kitchen and the wait staff, the efficiency of the waiters, the swiftness of the kitchen, the in-house sommelier, and the perfectly plated absolutely delicious food makes The Restaurant At The Nek a true fine dining experience and one you do not want to miss.

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The Restaurant @ The Nek is open for lunch and dinner Tuesdays to Saturdays. See below for all the info.

A huge thank you to Ian, Chef Dylan, and everyone on The Restaurant At The Nek.

Restaurant At The Nek

Opening Times: Tuesday – Saturday (lunch and dinner)



Call: +27 21 795 0688

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Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: December 2018


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