The New Wellness Warehouse Café Menu Rocked My World

New Wellness Warehouse Café Menu

Wellness Warehouse rocks my world – a lot. And it’s not only coz they have a giant me plastered on the wall just outside the Kloof Street branch (though that certainly has something to do with it; but just a little). But today it’s the new Wellness Warehouse Café menu that’s rocking my world!

I’ve always been a fan of the Wellness Warehouse Café coz, surprisingly, their prices beat those of any other well-known health cafes around. You wouldn’t think, right? But I price-compare all the time and it’s true. And with their brand new menu, they’ve added a new touch of delicious that’s pretty mouth-watering.

I visited the café with my good friend Drue (ok, funny story, my autocorrect just changed that to ‘food friend’. My laptop knows me too well), who you might know from Finding Frost. She’s gluten-intolerant, so the variety of health options at the Wellness Warehouse Cafe are pretty perfect for her, and it’s one of the few places where she can enjoy almost anything from the menu.

So what’s new? The new Wellness Warehouse Café menu has introduced a range of Super Bowls (which are obviously all the rage right now), expanded the wraps/tortillas section, and have added a few awesome new toasties and burgers. Back in the day my Wellness Warehouse Café experience tended to focus on their Ostrich Burger (still the bomb) and their Benchpress smoothie. But this time I went a little wild.

New Wellness Warehouse Café Menu wrap

Chicken Tahini Wrap

New Wellness Warehouse Café Menu sandwich

Turmeric Chicken Mayo and Mozzarella Sandwich

My Foodie Experience

I’ve always loved wraps, so I decided to try the Chicken Tahini Wrap (R59). This is stuffed with chicken, avo, green beans, cucumber, carrot, sesame seeds, sprouts, toasted almond flakes, rocket, and tahini dressing. The wrap doesn’t look like much portion-wise, but it’s super dense and there are definitely no fillers in here. I was full after half the portion, but finished the rest just coz it was yum! Probably a bad idea for my ‘trying to lose weight’ goals, but it’s all in the name of foodie experience, right?

Drue had the Turmeric Chicken Mayo and Mozzarella sandwich (R48) – gluten-free, of course. I didn’t try a bite, but she swears that the new Wellness sandwiches are absolutely to die for! There’s also a nice selection of breads available – sweet potato (which is the gluten-free option), rye, seeded whole wheat, and Banting. Something for everyone. I have my eye on their Tuna Mayo – or maybe even their Bacon & Mozzarella – so next time I’ll give one of those a try!

New Wellness Warehouse Café Menu cacao chaga

The Cacao Chaga

The Cacao Chaga

I also wanted to try one of the new Superfoods Smoothies. There are a few available – Superfood, Salted Caramel Chai, Turmeric Mylkshake, Cacao Chaga, and Super Berry. Apparently the Salted Caramel Chai is a top-seller, but I’m not a salted caramel fan. I almost went back to my old favourite – the Benchpress – but Drue said her favourite is the Cacao Chaga and persuaded me to give that one a try.

You might think I’m weird, but chocolate stuff isn’t usually my favourite. But this Cacao Chaga. Wow. My life has been changed. This was absolutely delicious (and I’ve even had it again since). It’s stuffed with goodness – chaga, cacao, banana, vanilla banting-friendly ice cream, cinnamon, Himalayan pink salt, and xylitol. At R55 it’s a little pricy, but all the new-age smoothies are, and it’s enough to fill you up. (Maybe that’s why I was so full with the wrap, but shhhh.)

Chaga is an interesting thing that’s been coming up again and again in my life. I listen to the Tim Ferriss Show, and in the older episodes (from like a year ago), he made constant reference to Four Sigmatic and their mushroom elixirs. Chaga is one of those. That’s largely the inspiration behind my article yesterday on what chaga is and what its health benefits are. You can read it here.

New Wellness Warehouse Café Menu

The New Menu

Get Your Wellness On

The new Wellness Warehouse café menu has been rolled out at all Wellness Warehouse cafes, so you can head to any one of them to try the goodness. Our favourite is the Wellness Warehouse on Kloof in the Lifestyle Centre. To find your nearest branch, visit the official Wellness Warehouse website here

We’ll be back soon with more foodie news!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: March 2018