The Melting Pot Pop-Up At Marrow

I love the concept of pop-ups. By their very nature, they’re always new and exciting. And I love all things new and exciting. The latest inner-city pop-up that’s got all the foodies talking is Melting Pot, which can be found in the Marrow on Loop Street space until the middle of May.

melting pot at marrow sign

Welcome to Melting Pot

Welcome to Melting Pot

Melting Pot is literally what its name suggests – a melting pot of flavour profiles, changing up regularly, and drawing from a whole bunch of influences. I visited them literally the day before their menu changed, so not all items I’m talking about will still be available … but they’ll give you a good indication of what you can expect when visiting Melting Pot.

If you’re familiar with the Marrow space, then you’ll know that it’s small and intimate, but definitely more catered towards the take-away market. While seating is available at low countertops, I wouldn’t suggest this spot for an intimate lunch or business meeting. Instead, pop by for a quick casual lunch or grab their goodies as a take-away. The menu is small and the portions definitely more tapas-sized, but two or three dishes will fill you up sufficiently.

melting pot at marrow sign sashimi linefish

Sashimi linefish

melting pot at marrow sign fish taco

Fish taco

The Tasty Menu

I tried their Sashimi Linefish, Fish Taco, Fried Chicken, and the Peruvian Pork Bun, all R75. Each dish was beautifully presented, full of colours and attention to detail, and flavours that rocked my world. They definitely managed to present me with some flavour profiles I was wholly unfamiliar with – at least in their unique composition – and rocked my taste buds. Most of the dishes had a slight hint of spice to it, seemingly drawn from Asian influences, but this was definitely a good thing.

While all dishes I tried were wonderful, the two that stood out were the Sashimi Linefish, which was beyond delicious, and the Peruvian Pork Bun, which sounds and looks disinteresting, but was so incredibly tasty I couldn’t bring myself to it eat it in one go and had to savour every single bite.

melting pot at marrow sign fried chicken

fried chicken

melting pot at marrow peruvian pork bun

Peruvian pork bun

Visit Melting Pot

If you’re keen to check out Melting Pot, visit them in the Marrow on Loop Street space until the end of May (tbc). You’ll get all the details below.

Melting Pot

Address: 83 Loop Street, Cape Town CBD


Call: +27 79 556 3647

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Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: April 2019

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