Lupa Osteria: Italian Flare at the V&A Waterfront

Lupa Osteria

I don’t know about you, but when I think winter, I think all those yummy carby foods someone in the entertainment world really shouldn’t be devouring … y’know, pizza, pasta, all that jazz! I seldom treat myself to those goodie (#ThinksBackToRadissonRedPizza), but when I do, it better be good … So when I received an invite to join Lupa Osteria at the V&A Waterfront to try their homemade pizzas and pasta, I simply couldn’t resist.

The Lupa Osteria Style

Lupa Osteria opened up just over two months ago, and they aim – at least in my mind – to bring good Italian food back to the V&A! Think pastas made on site in their ‘dough’ room, oven-baked pizzas, good ol’ Italian veal dishes, and a vibe and hospitality that could only be termed the Italian style.

I visited Lupa Osteria on a sunny Saturday afternoon – and was amazed at how buzzing the spot was! See, Lupa Osteria is situated by the Clock Tower – what I like to term the ‘quiet’ side of the V&A. So seeing this spot buzzing got me pretty excited. If others were excited about the spot, then it must be good!

Lupa Osteria dough room

The Dough Room – where the pasta is made!

Cocktail Heaven

Browsing the  Lupa Osteria menu took quite a while. Where to start??? It’s a tough life when everything looks good – #FoodieProblems – and I simply couldn’t decide. So I decided on a cocktail. I was lunching with my good friend Alex, and he went for the Designer Elderflower & Cucumber G&T (R55; with Sipsmiths London Dry Gin, Elderflower infusion, fresh lime, and tonic), which was big enough to share. I opted for one of my recent discoveries, the Porn Star Martini (R60; Passoa Passion Fruit liquor, Bols Vanilla & passion fruit puree). Divine. I may have had it a little too fast, but it was just so darn good!

Lupa Osteria cocktails

Cocktail heaven

Enjoying Pizza & Pasta

For mains, Alex and I decided to go the traditional route. He had the Spago Pizza (R155), with avo, bacon, and feta. It looked delicious – and I had a slice and it was indeed delicious!

I went the pasta route, and ordered the highly-recommended Maricosi (R125), which came with veal strips, bacon, mushrooms, peas, sundried tomatoes, garlic, white wine, and cream.

Yes, the ingredient list should have given it away, but I really didn’t realise that this portion of pasta would be MASSIVE! Honestly, I couldn’t even finish half of it. Which meant I had a great dinner and post-dinner-snack (naughty me). It was delicious though, and I loved every bite!

Lupa Osteria maricosi pasta

Maricosi pasta

Lupa Osteria pizza and pasta heaven

Pizza and pasta heaven

Finishing Off With Dessert and Limoncello

Before our meal, we were contemplating whether to have starters and mains or mains and dessert, and had eventually decided on the latter. I possibly should have chosen the former – desserts seldom manage to impress me. And unfortunately the dessert we chose didn’t blow us away.

Alex had the Baked Cheesecake (R65), which was a little on the sweet side, but I didn’t try it personally so I can’t judge.

I went for the Chocolate and Caramel Fondant (R65), which sounds like it should be amazing but was just way too sweet for me. It’s a pity, really, as I’m obsessed with caramel and love a good chocolate fondant, but somehow this didn’t do it for me. That said: I Do Not Have A Sweet Tooth. I like my desserts to be fruity and, if decadent, then luxuriously so without too much sweetness. If you love the sweet stuff, this dessert will probably rock your world. Give it a try and let me know!

To finish off our Lupa Osteria experience, we had some of their homemade limoncello – and this one is oh-so-worth it! Absolutely delicious – not too sweet, not too sour. Just right! Y’know, like the perfect Goldilocks scenario.

Lupa Osteria baked cheesecake and fondant

Baked cheesecake and fondant

Lupa Osteria limoncello

Limoncello yumminess

Rounding Off

All in all, I loved every second at Lupa Osteria. The service was fantastic – from managers checking up on tables to our lovely waitress, Ilet, who showered us with attention and explained all the intricacies of the menu and the restaurant. The food, also, was amaze and the portion sizes beyond compare. And the cocktail … let’s just say it disappeared too fast to be socially acceptable but it was just so darn delish. I’ll definitely be back! The next thing I want to try on the menu is the Veal Marsala!!!!

Lupa Osteria Ilet Benike Palfi

The awesome Ilet posing with me for a photo 😀

Visit Lupa Osteria

So next time you’re in the mood for some good ol’ Italian dining with a flare of spunkiness and vibe, check out Lupa Osteria. Get all the details below.

Lupa Osteria

Address: Shop GO1, Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront


Call: +27 21 425 0010


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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: July 2018


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